Watch: Tameifuna shoves referee Jackson to the ground

In a recent ITM Cup game, Waikato prop Ben Tameifuna pushed referee Glen Jackson over when defending his own line. He was yellow carded moments after, but for a different offence, and has since been cited for “acting against the spirit of good sportsmanship”.

Video credit: Rugby Dump

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Does Ben Tameifuna deserve punishment for pushing over Glen Jackson?

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14 thoughts on “Watch: Tameifuna shoves referee Jackson to the ground

  1. I can’t see a suspension for that. It’s a “I need to defend here ref!” shove. Bad positioning from Jackson. Heat of the moment thing from the player – it wasn’t specifically the ref he was having a go at, just shoving anyone stopping him from defending. Good commitment from the player and good to see him so wrapped up in the importance of the defence that he did it without thinking.

  2. There’s no room for niceties in that situation. The man had a job to do, the ref needs to be aware of the situation and keep clear. The ref can go upstairs, the defence have one chance.

  3. I’d like to see more done about these sort of things, I see it on the increase. A tap or a shout should be enough, a two handed shove is unnecessary. If a player does dart round and the referee does stop a tackle he’ll stop play and restart with a scrum anyway.

    There was a similar incident cited recently in the super XV I think and nothing came from it. I find it odd in a sport where we prize respect for the referee that shoving him is at all acceptable. Maybe introducing a standard single syllable call to let the ref know he’s in the way would be useful.

    I’ll tell you one thing, this simply wouldn’t fly at amateur level and when kids and amateur players get in trouble for emulating professional players it’s a sad state of affairs

  4. Absolutely a ban. A two handed shove on the referee has no excuse. I’m a prop, I know that we are often in that defensive position and need a clear view but the prop himself was too wide so I question his positioning rather than Jackson’s. If Jackson had impeded a tackle he has to restart play so no way is EVER putting your hands on the ref because of defence an option. Jackson was attempting to move out of the way as well. Disgraceful example to set from a professional.

  5. Oh Benny Boy, You screwed the pooch with that one. Complete brain fade. If we see you again this season I’d be dissapointed..

  6. billyburgess, VJ, Andy, xxxwookie, jinkerson, brighty
    Bit harsh from the ‘hang ’em high’ brigade on on ‘Big Ben’. Surely he deserves a knighthood, or ‘gong’, for correctly repositioning the ref to get him the hell outta the way so he, BB (no, not you Billy B) could effect a tackle on the oppo bent on scoring, funnily enuff, a try! Seemed to me that Tameifuna had his eyes on where the nxt attacker was likely to come from & simply he pushed the ‘offsider’ on side. Bit careless, but no intent for me. Plain dumb otherwise.

    And it was only a 1 handed nudge xxxwookie. Also what if a try had been scored that close to the posts/line? Do you think Michael Jackson would really have denied it?

    Been 1 hundred yrs since brighty & I have agreed on anything, but have to go with him (& jinkerson) on this 1.

  7. DanD

    The ref was in the way & so Brooks’ treatrment was harsh. Bet the ref dosesn’t get pinged for his maladroit positioning. Should be some mitigation, but Tameifuna didn’t appear to be even looking @ the NZ ref, who was aslo obstructing. It could therefore be argued that, in that split sec, he (the ref) could have appeared as an offside oppo to BB.

    1. Come on. You surely can’t seriously think he really didn’t know it was the ref? That is outrageous.

      Ban is deserved. If the ref has in any way obstructed the player, then a scrum would be called.

      In no circumstances should a player ever even touch a referee. No excuses, and no exceptions.

  8. Jacob

    Gd to be rigid. Pervades yr game. Bet u think Scotland shouldn’t have independence either… ‘No excuses, and no exceptions’. But back to the pt, bet u weren’t much of a rugger player either. Weren’t u taught to ‘keep yr eye on the ball (carrier)’? Likely not. Besides no scrum was called & the ref did obstruct, otherwise how coud BT have been able to have even reached the geezer if that were not so? Never heard of a reflex action?

    1. Getting a bit unnecessary here Don P. Someone expresses a different viewpoint and you start getting insulting? Classy.

      I agree with many of the people on here that BT looked straight at the ref as he came round the post and that players should not be pushing the ref under any circumstances. It does not matter if the ref is out of position. Players do not push the ref. Suspension seems right.

      In response to your “eye on the ball” point: you will see, particularly at top level that players in defence, partiicularly when taking the guard position also check outside them to see where the next man is. You defend as a team, so you have to be aware of where your teammates are, where the oposition players are and where the holes are. players are often criticised for not looking around but just “ball watching”.

      And just in case: I did play rugby; I was a prop.

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