British and Irish Lions 2021 Tour Fixtures

Lions Tour Fixtures

The fixtures for the British and Irish Lions tour of South Africa were confirmed yesterday, with two tests at altitude in Johannesburg and the other in Cape Town.

Here is the full schedule?

3 July – DHL Stormers (Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town)
7 July – South Africa Invitational (Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth)
10 July – Cell C Sharks (Jonsson Kings Park, Durban)
14 July – South Africa ‘A’ Team (Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit)
17 July – Vodacom Bulls (Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria)

24 July – First Test v Springboks (Soccer City, Johannesburg)
31 July – Second Test v Springboks (Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town)
7 August – Third Test v Springboks (Ellis Park, Johannesburg)

Who is keen for a tour?

20 thoughts on “British and Irish Lions 2021 Tour Fixtures

  1. Not me. I didn’t watch a minute of the last 2 tours.

    I’d rather they scrapped the Lions, it’s just become an extension of Wales Rugby and an income stream for the southern hemisphere.

    Pointless friendlies that detract from the National Sides advancement.

    Thumbs down

      1. Kind of Irrelevant because I wasn’t. That’s well before I was born. I honestly don’t get it and especially in these times of player welfare I don’t get why it’s given such prominence. As an England fan all the time we get abuse from the other nations and told how were hated then every 4 years everyone else wants to pretend it isn’t the case. Well balls to that. You can take your Lions team and shove it.

        1. Well, it was a supposition TTD. The pt was the Lions were & are an important part of rugby history, tradition, contribution & values for the game’s greater good. You must have seen on TV at some pt the scintillating rugby played in ’71/74, esp when compared with some of the programmed, robotic & defensive orientated dross on offer these days. The Lions were & are global ambassadors for rugby, perhaps ahead of their time previously. Regarding the Lions’ tours being a £ stream for the SH, the converse can be said of the AI’s for the NH. As the game is global with a potential intetnational league in the offing, surely there has to be some looking outward as well as looking only inward?

          1. As much as I enjoy most of your posts on here you’re never going to win me over with the Lions.

            I don’t know if you’re serious about seeing old games on TV but no I haven’t. I’ve never even heard of any being broadcast tbh. My introduction to rugby was around 2001, never played it at school at all. Not once. So being a bit blunt the tradition and history of it means nothing to me at all.

            I do concede your point on the AI’s being money spinners however my understanding is the Lions means slightly more to the SH or so I was lead to believe by press coverage during the last Lions tour.

            As for looking outward I’d much rather see National Teams tour to places like Tonga, Fiji, USA, Japan than have the Lions play the big 3. I did enjoy the brief tournament that was held in the states with the Saxons involved.

            1. Encouraging TTD. Enjoyment! What next? BTW as The Lions tour 4 yrly, the £ stream must still work in yr NH favour. Each to his own, but still think you may be arthritislimiting yrself. You could have the best of both worlds though. Enjoy what you enjoy & you could also check out The Lions nxt up? Might end up enjoying them too? Esp with their being stacked with Saracens & other English players! Go on TTD, you know that, deep down, you want to!

              1. Delete ‘arthritis’. A paste error relating to a recent fall I had on to my knees. Afterwards, felt as though I’d had a sudden attack of arthritis! Anyway, this an un-rugby related subject. Just thought I’d throw it into the mix as a human interest story.

  2. Not me either as much as a love my Rugby I cannot afford nor justify the money it costs to go on such a jolly plus are The Lions not good enough to be considered a challenge yet an invite side is?

  3. Not so keen to tour due costs v value, but will certainly watch series on TV. Might have been better for The Lions to have had the tests sandwiched more evenly amongst domestic matches though. Perhaps if there are a swadge of English players picked for the tour, there will be more local interest generated too?

  4. Gd to see TRB back. I was looking up The Rosetta Stone to decipher the hieroglyphics that appeared under TRC heading instead of pics & articles. Didn’t work, but it was either that, or update my old mobile whose operating system which I wondered whether it had been superceded by newer technology. Relieved that this was not the case though.

  5. Completely bloody ludicrous schedule. They are actually due to leave the day before the Premieship Final, which the English clubs have refused to move so some players will fly out later,´get off the plane and be straight into competitive games, of which there are no easy ones in SA. Players will get about a game and a half to force their way in to the team and after that will be spectators for the Tests. On old fashioned Lions Tours they got an opportunity to go up country, get to know each other, play midweek games and force their way into the Test Team. It will come at the end of a gruesomely long season when players will be completely knackered, and despite absolutely scathing management reports about player welfare on the previous two tours, the powers that be are determined to squeeze every last penny out of the game with a complete disregard for the physical and mental wellbeing of the players. The coaches are given no chance to work with the squad in any meaningful fashion beyond absolute basics and spectators are expected to travel Johannesberg to Cape Town and back for the three tests, while players will get no proper chance to aclimatise to altitude before the first test, thus making a comfortable home victory very likely. I would not be at all surprised if a number of players decide not to go. It makes me really angry to see one of the great traditions of the game treated with such contempt by those charged with organising it and promoting the game as widely as possible. No doubt it will only be on subscription tv as well.

    1. In fairness to the scheduling its only the players form the top 2/4 teams in the Prem that will be unavailable to travel on day 1 so all the Sarries contingent will be available
      In reality we are talking about Exeter/Northampton and probably Sale/Gloucester.
      The only nailed on tourists from that lot are the likes of Curry/Slade/Hogg/Nowell with a few other potential tourists in LCD/Williams/Francis/Wilson/Ashton/Lawes/Biggar/Hutch/Ludlam/Thorley/Simpson

      1. The tour is the year after next Leon, so I believe that Sarries points deduction should be over and normal business of them competing for honors will be resumed… Unless of course they are relegated.

    2. Don’t worry, If our “ESTEEMED GOVERNMENT’ has their way, all of the teams to play the Lions will be selected by a group of “KNOWLEDGEABLE” politicians. ( None have ever played the game) On the basis of 51% will have to be “AFRICAN”, 25% “COLOURED” (of mixed race) 15% may be white the balance take your pick. Koi-San, Indian, Chinese whatever. There is a bill being presented in the SA parliament that states that “ALL SPORT’S”, Amateur & Professional, including “ALL GYMS” are to be controlled directly by the government. I would humbly suggest that the English & Irish Lions due to interference by our ESTEEMED GOVERNMENT refuse to tour.

  6. Firstly, I’d like to say that I love the Lions and, for me at least, the Lions in SA is THE tour. However, looking at the schedule it shows total disregard to the concept and the spectators. The vast majority of supporters will be there for the test series and asking them to travel J’Borg – C Town – J’Borg with no midweek game is financially very stressful.

    Also without a midweek game from the Bulls game onwards what will be done with the mid-week team for the last three and a half weeks – on the assumption that the Test team will start that game against the Bulls??

  7. You could presume thatvoncexagain this tour has been deliberately designed by the hosts to createxmaximum stress and minimum acclimatisation for the visitors. The Bulls game the week before the first test is at only 1300 metres whereas Johannesburg is at over 1700. All the other games are at much closer to sea level. Total disregard for player’s health.

    1. Yes & yes. Don’t know why Gatland didn’t put his foot down in respect of the schedule. After all, the Saffas must need the tour more than, or at least as much as, The Lions do?


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