How Long is a Rugby Pitch

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A significant number of people around the world enjoy rugby, making it a popular and influential sport. As a rugby enthusiast, you may want to know what the measurements of a rugby pitch are. If that’s your case, this article answers your question as well as other frequently asked questions relating to rugby that you may have. Let’s get to it.

Measurement of the Rugby Pitch

There’s a generally accepted range of measurement for a standard rugby pitch. As you may know, the rugby pitch is rectangular. The length of a rugby pitch is longer, and one can measure it between 98-100m. Meanwhile, one measures the width of the pitch between 68-70m.

Note that the above measurement doesn’t include the in-goal area from the two ends of the pitch. As such, if you add the in-goal area from both ends of the pitch together with the length of the pitch, you’ll get a measurement ranging between 106-144m.

Understanding the Different Dimensions of a Rugby Pitch

It is important to know that a rugby pitch has different markings used to distinguish between the different dimensions of the pitch.

Halfway LineTeams use the halfway line to divide the pitch into two equal parts, with each team defending one-half of the divide.
Dead-ball LineThis is a line that marks the field of play. Once the ball crosses the dead-ball line, it means it is out of play and needs to be restarted.
The TouchlineThe touchlines are those lines that mark the length of a pitch. The lines run on the lengthy edges of the pitch.
The Goal LineThis line runs across the length of the pitch.


Are all Rugby Pitches the Same Size?

Every standard rugby pitch is not necessarily the same size. However, the pitches are allowed to vary between 94-100m, while the width of the pitch should be within the range of 68-70m.

Is a Rugby Pitch Bigger than a Soccer Pitch?

Yes. Rugby pitches are generally wider in width than soccer pitches. This is because the rugby pitch’s length and width are measured at 100m x 69m (106-144m if you include the in-goal area). Meanwhile, one measures a football pitch at a length and width of 100m x 64m.

Can a Soccer Pitch be Used for Rugby Games?

While a rugby pitch is longer in length, both soccer and rugby share a similar rectangular-shaped pitch. The only difference is that one needs to mark the soccer pitch according to the dimension of the rugby game.

What are Rugby Pitch Measurements in Feet and Yards?

Here are the measurements of a rugby pitch using feet and yards in order to get a better context of the measurements of a rugby pitch.

  • Goal line to goal line: 308.5-328ft (103-109 yds)
  • In-goal area: 33-72ft (11-24 yds)
  • Total length of the pitch: 341.5-400ft (114-133 yds)
  • Width of the pitch: 223-229.5ft (74-76.5yds)
  • Pitch area: 76,154.5-91,800ft (8,436-10,174.5yds)

Final Words

Non-rugby fans may find rugby pitches complicated. However, it is a thing of beauty for rugby enthusiasts all over the world. Moreover, there is no doubt that knowing the measurements of the length, width, and the different dimensions of a rugby pitch makes one appreciate rugby more.

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