RWC2019: Mutiny in the France Camp

Guilhem Guirado

There’s good news and bad news emerging from the French camp this week, as reports suggest that there’s a player mutiny on the cards ahead of the big game against England.

The good news for England is that you’d think a French side in meltdown would provide easier opposition on Saturday, but the bad news is that it might make them unpredictable. After all, in 2011 they lost to Tonga in the pool stages – and they had a near miss of the same fate on Sunday – but then reached the final after the players took control.

There’s a bit of déjà vu for England fans too, since this sounds similar to stories from 2007, when the England players got themselves together after their dreadful defeat to South Africa, and subsequently made the final by coaching themselves.

Apparently hooker Guilhem Guirado has been demoted from the leadership group, with Jefferson Poirot set to be named captain against England – much to the chagrin of most of the French players.

And just to complete the cliche, Mourad Boujellal has offered his two francs worth, suggesting that the players stage a coup. ‘Take control guys, take the power, because there are coaches all over the place. Our team spirit is almost non-existent,’ Boudjellal said.

Will this affect the game on Saturday?

7 thoughts on “RWC2019: Mutiny in the France Camp

  1. I’m not buying it this time. i think we’ll see the “other” France on Saturday and we could struggle if our mentality is wrong or Ed gets his selections arse over tip.

    1. You should never have been buying anything. I think the French need to fix their attitude if they ever want to win a world cup.

  2. I don’t see anything positive for England from this, for the reasons outlined in the article. France are at their most dangerous when their management is all over the place. In my experience, which has cost me money in the past, is never ever bet on French rugby – for or against is irrelevant, you just can’t predict the mad bastards!

  3. From an English perspective this is a tricky one. Do we go full on and try to batter the French or keep flying under the radar by doing just enough to keep it honest?
    If we take it easy and get a hammering morale could take a serious dip before the QF. The other worry s injuries because I’ve got a feeling Les frogs will really front up physically and they have some BIG lads.

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