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Six Nations 2020: Scotland v France Rate the Match

What did you think of this afternoon’s match at Murrayfield?

Who played well? What were the main talking points?

Let us know what you thought of each team.

6 replies on “Six Nations 2020: Scotland v France Rate the Match”

Really enjoyable game. Scotland were v controlled and managed to contain France for the first part of the first half. And they did well to capitalise on the red card, often teams find it hard to score when teams go down to 14 but Scotland were clinical and are probably disappointed not to get the bp.
The malevolent spirit that infected Vahamahina has descended in Haomas, yes Richie ran in but the punch was inexcusable. The tournament is wide open, and the postponed games will have to be played.


Really enjoyed this game, nothing went right for France – helped by the red mist incident….but Scotland took their chances, smelt blood and put aside their white line fever that can often take hold of them. As with Jake this means the RFU must play the postponed games. Ohhh the drama.


Match was frustrating as the card tilted it one way. The red was a main taking point, as in the England game. As is sometimes also the case, the provoker get off scot free, the provoked not. However, without the former, there could be no latter. At a certain emotive level did Ritchie get his just desserts? In the interests of justice, he ought to have been yellowed IMO, also for having a shocking punch defence. Ironically, he got the MOTM gong. Collectively both teams tried to & often did, play rugby, but without any particular individual significantly standing out for me, although Hogg more looked accomplished yesterday. The French back row played with vigour, born out of desperation, but their team missed Ntamack I thought. The post red, mostly one way traffic & the rub of the green, or occasional bounce, went the Scots’ way, but agree that they will be disappointed with a missed bounds point. They were, to some extent, architects of their own downfall in this respect because they reverted to safety first kicking the lard off it when the game was up. The match left me with an underlying, somewhat hollow feeling for what might have been, i.e., a true contest.


Enjoyed this game as I have with all of the French games this 6N (well maybe I didn’t enjoy the England defeat but I certainly enjoyed the French rugby that they played). Couldn’t decide who to root for. Scotland to help us out or France because they are playing French rugby again and it is a joy to watch.

Re. the red card, I thought that they had flagged up Ritchie coming in and I think that he was going to be penalised until they saw the French prop with his punch. Blimey what an idiot, every international rugby player knows that you just cannot under any circumstances, however provoked throw a punch. If he was English we would have been ripping into him for his stupidity, and rightly so. So ultimately the French sadly reaped what they sowed and ran out of steam before the end. Still an enjoyable match with some great rugby and some tasty talking points. France (whether they win this 6N or not) now have the players to go on and be a great team for some time to come. As a rugby fan I hope they will do so (although as an English fan that does worry me….)


Up the Jocks (the Scottish in me). What a performance. The auld enemy seem to have done the English a favour whilst doing it. All to play for in October! Might get my clan tartan trews out!


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