Alan Quinlan ruled out of Lions Tour

Alan Quinlan’s disciplinary hearing took place today, and his 12-week suspension for gouging Leo Cullen in the Heineken Cup semi-final means that he’ll miss the British and Irish Lions Tour to South Africa.

This news isn’t hugely surprising for anyone that saw the incident, and although Quinlan can’t argue with the ban, he’ll surely be cursing his moment of madness now that he’ll be missing out on the trip of a lifetime.

The door is now open for another back rower to join the party. Is Tom Croft a shoo-in?

5 thoughts on “Alan Quinlan ruled out of Lions Tour

  1. I always questioned Alan Quinlan’s selection in the lions tour, i feel that the best man lost out and its Tom Croft, he has been instrumental in the England set up and at club level. i just hope he is the replacement

  2. Having watched the game and replay of Quinlan’s eye gouging, I think the punishment was just, and he only has himself to blame for his stupidity. As to the other question, who would be more deserving than Tom Croft? Maybe one of your readers can think of a candidate, but I cannot think of a more deserving candidate.

    I think if anything, what happened to Alan Quinlan should be a cautionary tale for any British/Irish Lions as they finish out their seasons in the Guiness Premiership, Magner’s League, ERC Cup and Heineken Cup final.

  3. If as reported the ERC committee found that Alan Quinlan’s action was “unintentional”, then what was the “act against the spirit of good sportsmanship” ? That is the actual wording of Law10.4(k).
    It would have been possible that he could unintentionally infringe
    Law 10.4(a),(e)or (f), but they have a recommended suspension minimum (which can in certain circumstances be reduced) of only 2 weeks for a LE offence. The Disciplinary Tribunal is meant to be satisfied that Quinlan “committed an act against the spirit of good sportsmanship” NOT that he made contact with Leo Cullen’s eye. Since when is stupidity bad sportsmanship ?
    I am sure we all know stupid good sportsmen.

  4. Litened to most of the worlds’ opinion on “Quinlan the Barbarian”.
    I do hope most of you have played our graceful and at sometimes brutal game????
    There for the Grace of God go I!
    Anyone to cast the first stone??????????????????????

  5. I am a South African and all I have to say about Quinlans ban is, you are all a bunch cunts,soft cock cunts.Next time i hope he breaks cullens jaw instead.

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