Brooke: “The best team lost the World Cup final”

The four stooges return for one last time, with Matt Burke, Will Carling, Zinzan Brooke and Scott Quinnell reviewing the World Cup final.

2 thoughts on “Brooke: “The best team lost the World Cup final”

  1. Meh,
    They all look depressed that their fix of rugby is over and I don’t blame them.

    On Aus V Irl Burke said “yeah, a performance we unfortunately couldn’t back up”
    It was backed up very well against Italy. I assure you that game was far tougher than the result showed. They played badly against Wales, who are tough as nails and the best team (on the day at least) won. They didn’t win the group to lose the next game.
    They won it to help get to the semis. Shit happens. That’s just life.
    Let’s move on!


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