Brothers in Arms: Possibles vs Probables

This year’s Six Nations has witnessed two new pairings of brothers playing in the same Test team: Delon & Stefon Armitage (England), and Max & Thom Evans (Scotland).

This got me thinking about how many other brothers have donned the shirt and represented their country at international level. After a bit of research (and a morning well spent at work), it became clear that there was enough familial excellence to fill not one, but two complete teams. I have therefore selected the ‘Possibles’ vs the ‘Probables’.

Adam and Duncan Jones

Separated at birth

I have added one ‘uncapped’ player to each squad in true Barbarians style, and although I admit that Duncan and Adam Jones claim not to be related, there is no feasible way that they cannot be twins separated at birth! Mauro Bergamasco gets a contentious nod at 9 in the ‘Possibles’ team due to a distinct lack of competition!

It should be noted that there seem to be far more brothers that have played in the backs than the forwards, with a distinct scarcity in the front row especially. I put this down to sensible parenthood, where it is decided ‘enough is enough’ once one ugly prop is produced from the womb.

Are there any notable brothers I have left off my list? What are your thoughts on selection?

1 Dan Pletch (Canada, 21)
2 Mike Pletch (Canada, 11)
3 Paul Wallace (Ireland, 45 + Lions, 5)
4 Carlo Ignacio Fernández Lobbe (Argentina, 60)
5 Juan Martin Fernández Lobbe (Argentina, 15)
6 Scott Quinnell (Wales, 52 + Lions, 3)
7 Stefon Armitage (England, 1)
8 Derek Quinnell (Wales, 23 + Lions, 5)
9 Guy Easterby (Ireland, 28)
10 Mark Ella (Australia, 25)
11 Rory Underwood (England, 85 + Lions, 6)
12 Scott Hastings (Scotland, 65)
13 Delon Armitage (England, 7)
14 Tony Underwood (England, 27)
15 Gavin Hastings (Scotland, 61 + Lions, 6)

16 David Wallace (Ireland, 46 + Lions, 6)
17 Richard Wallace (Ireland, 29)
18 Simon Easterby (Ireland, 65)
19 Gary Ella (Australia, 6)
20 Glen Ella (Australia, 4)
21 Craig Quinnell (Wales, 32)
22 Gavin Quinnell (Uncapped)

1 Duncan Jones (Wales, 50)
2 Frank Stout (England, 17)
3 Adam Jones (Wales, 54)
4 Martin Johnson (England, 84 + Lions, 8 )
5 Gary Whetton (New Zealand, 58)
6 Alan Whetton (New Zealand, 65)
7 Mirco Bergamasco (Italy, 54)
8 Henry Tuilagi (Samoa, 4)
9 Mauro Bergamasco (Italy, 58)
10 Felipe Contepomi (Argentina, 62)
11 Alesana “Alex” Tuilagi (Samoa, 10)
12 Fereti “Freddie” Tuilagi (Samoa, 16)
13 Max Evans (Scotland, 4)
14 Thom Evans (Scotland, 5)
15 Rory Lamont (Scotland, 14)

16 Anitelia “Andy” Tuilagi (Samoa, 7)
17 Bruce Deans (New Zealand, 10)
18 Robbie Deans (New Zealand, 5)
19 Manual Contepomi (Argentina, 32)
20 Percy Stout (England, 3)
21 Sean Lamont (Scotland, 48)
22 Will Johnson (Uncapped)

By Justin Aylward

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12 thoughts on “Brothers in Arms: Possibles vs Probables

  1. A bit of special license to put Derek Quinnell in with his lads but I’d like to see them all on the same field so I’ll go for it. In fact it’s easier if you include sons and dads as well in which case I’d nominate Tom Shanklin and his dad Jim who got 4 caps on the wing for Wales in the 70’s.

  2. The Brew brothers Aled who just played in the Sevens World cup and is on loan to the Dragons from Pontypridd and Nathan who I think may be with Bristol now ?Both wingers and with a cap or two each .

  3. Which of the Lamont brothers was it who took a yellow card for the other a few seasons back during the 6Nations?

  4. It may be a leap of faith to put Mauro Bergamasco at scrum half but to put his brother Mirco, a centre/wing, in Mauro’s position at openside is just rubbing salt in the poor chap’s wounds. Graeme Bachop would be a good alternative at 9 with brother Stephen covering 10 allowing Mauro to slot back in at 7.

    Also any Scot (I’m not one) would probably want to see the Calder brothers in there. Jim scored their Grand Slam-winning try in 1984 and Finlay captained the Lions in 1989 and played in the 1990 Grand Slam-winning team.

  5. Neil Boobyer Welsh centre late 90’s ,Ian Boobyer his twin a flanker for Llanelli and others never capped but a right pain in the a**e to play against instrumental in getting Dallagio yellow carded in a Heineken game once and their other brother Roddy also handy in the centre .

  6. As well as the Bok front pairing of Jannie and Bismarck Du Plessis already mentioned there are the twin wingers Akona and Odwa Ndungane and from Zimbabwe Kennedy and Richard Tsimba

  7. I see you have left out Naas & Darius Botha and am really surprised that you do not realise that there were 3 du Plessis brothers:
    Willie, Carel & Michael.

  8. how many sets of brothers played for wales in the 5 nations and 6 nations i was told of 7 but i ???

  9. The missing brothers come from the very first family to provide 3 sons to a Welsh team – the Goulds of Newport – namely Bob, Arthur and Bert. Bob and Arthur played in the same team and both captained Wales. Arthur ans Bert also played in the same team – the Welsh XV to win Wales’ first ever Triple Crown.

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