Canterbury UltimateXVs: The Racing XV

With all the racing at Aintree this week Canterbury have come up with an appropriately themed team. Featuring a leading international coach and even a recent Rugby World Cup winner, the team would certainly overcome any hurdles and go the distance(!)

Coach: Sir Clive Goodwood
Commentator: Mister Ed-die Butler!

The Racing XV:

1. Johnny Golding Cup, 2. Schalk-alakaboomboom Brits, 3. Comply or Dai Young, 4. Quintin Gelding-huys, 5. Neigh-than Hines, 6. Tim Jodhpur, 7. Bobbyjo Worsley, 8. Zinzan Beechers Brooke, 9. Piri Whip-u, 10. Felipe Conte-pony, 11. Bruce Reins-hana, 12. Yearling Mortlock, 13. Billy Twelve-Ain-Trees, 14. Mark Cueto Star, 15. Hugo Southwell Racecourse

But, can we do better? With a replacement’s bench to be filled, give us your suggestions.

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4 thoughts on “Canterbury UltimateXVs: The Racing XV

  1. Don’t forget that Christian Cullen was a million-dollar racehorse (sure, it was harness racing, but what the hell)

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