Canterbury unveil new England home kit

kitCanterbury have unveiled the new England kit for the 2013/2014 season.

Speaking at Bruntcliffe School, England Head Coach Stuart Lancaster said:

“Putting on an England shirt is a huge source of pride for the players and the white shirt is a critical part of England’s identity and our history and heritage. We want everyone to feel part of this England side, to feel a sense of connection and pride in the team and to inspire more people to play and watch rugby.”

England and London Irish winger, Marland Yarde said:

“When you put on an England shirt before a match, you always think about the players that have been there before you and the people who have helped you get where you are. You want to continue the tradition and perform at your best. I can’t wait to get the chance to wear it in front of a packed home crowd at Twickenham in a few weeks.”

kit 2Speaking about the launch of the new shirt, Canterbury CEO, Chris Stephenson, said:

“Canterbury is passionate about the sport of rugby, and the launch of the new kit today at Bruntcliffe School reflects our joint commitment, along with the RFU, to supporting the game from grassroots to elite level and further emphasises the ‘England Is All’ message.

“The new shirt continues to honour the proud traditions of England rugby whilst featuring a new and contemporary design, and is of course engineered to meet the rigours of the game at the elite level. We’re sure that players and fans alike will be proud to wear it.”

The black (‘midnight blue’) armbands are interesting – are we perhaps finally mourning the death of English rugby from 2003?!

11 thoughts on “Canterbury unveil new England home kit

  1. Looks like the conspiracy theorists commenting on Robshaw’s absence from the away kit launch can rest easy!

    1. it was less a conspiracy, more an interesting observation. It was just a bit peculiar that they didn’t seem to want the captain in the new away shirt

  2. Didn’t they launch one just last year? I understand why they change kits every year for clubs but not for Internationals, they should be two years minimum alternating between home and away but having said that you could keep an away shirt for four years the amount of times they are worn by England :-).

    1. Damn, you beat me to it! Not sure they’ve thought that one through – but then I could have said that about most of the kits that have been produced in the last ten years!

  3. Pablito – mourning for two things…?
    Didn’t thy launch new kits a few weeks ago?
    Seriously testing the loyalty of faithful England supporters.

    1. That would be the appalling away kit that they launched a couple of weeks ago Ed – Victorian bathing suits, as I have heard it described.

      Perhaps they are in mourning for good taste and being forced to wear such awful shirts.

      Who on earth decides these things? Surely someone in the England rugby setup gets to see them before they are launched. Does Lancaster not have a say?

      The person (or more likely, committee) that makes these decisions should be held up for ridicule

  4. Yes Pablito they are in mourning for the Grand slam they and the BBC assumed had been won BEFORE kick off in Cardiff. Chickens eggs hatched.

  5. Whenever a new kit comes out there’s always “why do we need a new kit?” England need a new kit because it’s part of their contract with Canterbury that makes a lot of money which allows the RFU to commit money to the development of the national side to grass roots to women’s rugby. Is it a joke? It’s one of the most lucrative shirt contracts that contributes to making the RFU the richest union in the world so I’d personally go with no. In a scenario where England have to make money, I’d rather they release a new shirt every year than change their name to the Qantas Red Roses or equivalent

    As far as the new away shirt goes, I think they’ve gone in with an effort to take some English tradition and make a modern shirt out of it. It may all be marketing but at least it’s good marketing.

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