Chester Williams Answers Our Questions

With Invictus released on Blu-Ray & DVD last month, South African RWC ’95 winger Chester Williams talks exclusively to The Rugby Blog.

This interview was conducted before the first Tri-Nations match at the weekend… 

Chester, how well has Invictus captured your memories and feelings of RWC ’95?  Has the spirit you remember come across well in the movie?

“90% is spot on. They have certainly done their research with regards to on and off the field events.”

How aware were you that you were part of history as South Africa came together under the rugby fraternity?

“Initially I did not think that way but as the tournament progressed, I realised how important my role was as part of the RWC ’95.  I realised how important it was not only to represent my community but the whole of South Africa since I was the face of South Africa.

Do you think that the football world cup is capable of leaving a more significant cultural legacy due do it’s more working class roots compared to what rugby was able to achieve, or have each sports played their role?

“Both sports have played their role.  What was and is amazing is that in ’95 we had convince the “black people” to support the Springboks and 2010 we need to convince the “white” people to support Bafana Bafana.  Now we are great nation since we starting to accept each other because of our sports both rugby and soccer.”

How do you rate the current South African rugby team?  Who do you rate?

“Extremely talented compare to us – we had guts and belief in each other as a team.  Technology has changed a lot with regards to training and conditioning.  Fourie Du Preez greatest player ever.”

How do you expect this year’s Tri Nations to turn out?  How good are Australia and New Zealand looking in your opinion?

“Looking at the super 14 form I do believe the springboks will win the tri nations we have a settled side and both New Zealand and Australia are in a building phase.”

(Oops, looks like Chester might need to rethink that one! ) What other sports do you like to follow and get excited about?

“Cricket and English soccer.”

McNeil Hendricks played you in Invictus.  If you could choose a more well-known actor to play you in a story of your life, who would it be?

“Denzil Washington.”

Who’s going to win the 2011 RWC in New Zealand?

“South Africa.  But New Zealand and Australia are going to be our biggest concern.”

Invictus is released through Warner Bros on Blu-Ray and DVD and is available online through most major stockists.