Danny Care ruled out of Rugby World Cup

In a huge blow to England’s preparations for the tournament, Danny Care has been ruled out of this year’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand due to a toe injury.

The problem is set to rule him out for six weeks, with Care having an operation later on this week. He had emerged in recent weeks as the front-runner for the starting spot at scrum-half against Argentina on September 10th. His withdrawal leaves England with scrum-halves Ben Youngs, Richard Wigglesworth and Joe Simpson all likely to head to New Zealand, with perhaps London Irish’s Paul Hodgson being put on standby.

What are your thoughts on Care’s injury? How big a blow is this to England’s prospects?

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17 thoughts on “Danny Care ruled out of Rugby World Cup

  1. Terrible news, unlucky to feature for the lions and now his world cup hopes disappear too. Looked sprightly on saturday so gutting to see him go. We are fortunate to have a wealth of scrum halves and I just hope Ben Youngs will work well with the leicester back line during the course of the world cup.

  2. Hodgson fell far down the pecking order by being useless. He was poor for England and watching him in the Churchill Cup explains why he’s unlikely to be in New Zealand. No flair, no step, no pace. Care may take a few steps before he makes his pass, but at least he does other things well, like spotting a gap and running, I’ve not seen Hodgson offer anything for some time.

    Ben Youngs is going to be the clear number 9 in the World Cup I suspect. Hopefully, the way he linked up with the England backline up until the Ireland game will continue, especially if Toby Flood goes 10. I think there is a bit of a gulf in class below the 2 first choice 9s though. Wigglesworth isn’t as good as Care, maybe Joe Simpson should get a bench job against Ireland and get 20-30 minutes to see if he could top Wigglesworth

  3. i dont rate him really,slow pass.

    my preference is for scrum halves to have a lightening, accurate pass.

    everything else is a bonus.

    Being small and yappy, isnt enough.

    running sideways doesnt help.

    interested to see simpson have a run out, not sure about his passing tho.

    Wigglesworth seems ok.

  4. Joe Simpson should be given the 9 shirt for the Ireland game. He is a very good scrum half and deserves his chance

  5. “my preference is for scrum halves to have a lightening, accurate pass.” – Then I wouldn’t look forward to seeing Simpson play

  6. I don’t know about giving Simpson the 9 shirt against Ireland. Let’s face it, Ben Youngs is going to be the number 9 for the world cup and having been injured needs to get a game in before the world cup. Coming off at 40+ minutes to give Simpson a shot would be a damn god idea though

  7. Gutting for Care, but again jimmymc1 I agree with you a little. Why does he insist on running sideway a few paces before deciding what to do? Saying that he has played much better recently, and without Youngs he was probably our next best option.

    Wigglesworth has great hands and probably the best passer out of all of them. He was getting slow, poor ball (when it wasn’t being knocked on or stolen against Wales), and didn’t get much of a chance. But for Sarries, with good ball secured he’s had a great season.

    If Simpson plays, you have to have Tuilagi or Ashton on the pitch because he brakes the line well,and has real pace, but if no-one’s foloowing up he’ll get isoalted quickly.

  8. To win a world cup I have seen it written (and I do agree) that you need 7 or 8 influential players in a side who have a facet to their game that is genuine world class, in any era. These players, more often than not the flair players, to then be blended with the leadership and dependability every great side also needs.

    Today when I look at the likely starting England 15, and I look for the world class components, I see the following, (however raw, however unproven) :

    Sheridan – destructive scrummaging ability
    Stevens – an incredibly mobile ball playing prop (without having to compromise at scrum time)
    Lawes – hard, athletic second row with an exceptional engine
    Croft – pace (and line out capability)
    Willkinson – the points machine (with the best defence of any 10 to play the game)
    Ashton – try scoring instinct
    Foden – pace

    The leadership from Moody, Tindall, Easter, Thompson….

    But I don’t thinks it’s not enough. We need more flair. Simpson has pace, world class pace. We should be fast tracking him today – he should get some time against Ireland. And while we’re at, we should be doing the same with Tuilagi for the power he brings that nobody can deal with…. both need game time….

    Still can’t believe we’re leaving Simpson D at home … the most natural rugby player of his generation… :-(

  9. I’m sorry. Are we talking about Joe Simpson here? The most natural rugby player of his generation? I can name three more and that’s without thinking. Even if you are just talking about English players you wouldn’t have to go very far to find a better natural rugby player.

    While Simpson is a solid scrum half (and one who, incidentally, I prefer to Wigglesworth) he isn’t the most natural rugby player of his generation. In my opinion saying something like that means you’d be putting him into the same group as Tuilaga, Allen, Sharples, Farrell etc. He’s good, but he isn’t setting the world alight like these players did in the AP last season.

    Back on topic, Care’s injury is a blow for England. He’s been around the squad for a few years now and has good experience when it comes to big test matches. Would have been nice to see Youngs starting and Care coming off the bench to find the gaps left by a tired defense with 15 minutes to go. Truly sorry for him and hope he has a quick recovery.

  10. Simpson Daniel is I believe one of the most naturally talented British players of his generation … ask the Gloucester boys who he runs rings round at practice (and has done for years…).

    Too many Simpsons confusing things – apologies. Admit entirely that young Jo has a lot to prove. But he has pace.

    Ditto comments on Care.

  11. I think Youngs would have started anyway but Care was his only genuine competition. I would like to see Simpson go and be on the bench for the RWC. He’s got far more chance of making an impact on a game with 20-30mins to go than Wigglesworth (who is still a good all-round scrum-half). I like the point about Ashton etc running off his shoulder though, that could actually be something spectacular from England!

  12. Gutting for England, Care’s injury is a loss. His passing isn’t the best but it could be worse. And when he’s on form he SCORES tries, a valuable asset, for both England and the Quins (my team).

    Ditto on Simpson, he definitely deserves some game time, and i would have him over Wigglesworth who, whilst having a good pass, lacks any flair, or for want of better words a ‘rugby personality’. All he really has is a solid pass.

    Anyone know how he got injured?

  13. knocked it on Saturday during the game apparently.

    He’s a very underrated player in my opinion and often gets the blame for Englands general ineffectiveness at the breakdown. He doesnt have the best pass but the rest of his game is very good.

    Still, Simpson deserves a shot and hope he takes it.

  14. I’ve been trying to decide if I’m disappointed or slightly relieved that Care is out. Obviously gutted for him personally, but while he is a good player, I honestly think he’s detrimental to the way England have been trying to play for the past year or two.

    Aside from the 2 sideways steps he takes before passing, he keeps the ball in the ruck for far too long. I’d bet anything that he’s been told by the coaching staff to wait until all runners are in place for the next phase of play, but you can see him consciously looking at all options, thinking about it, and then picking up the ball to start the next play. During this, time and time again, the oppo either counter-ruck and spoil the ball or the defence organises itself to nullify the attack.

    He gets quick ball going from tap-and-go free-kicks and penalties, but not from the breakdown.

    England desperately need Youngs to get some game time and back on form. That’s more important at this stage than giving time to Wigglesworth or Simpson to fight it out for the second spot. I agree with the majority of comments comparing those two – Wigglesworth is the more typical 9, whilst Simpson has the pace to break a game down. Personally, given England need as much attacking power as possible given the midfield is looking turgid, I’d be tempted to take Simpson.

  15. I have always rated Danny Care, but then I am biassed as I am an Otley supporter. It would have been great to see a graduate of the Otley youth academy playing in this world cup.

  16. I think this is a great shame. I agree with some of Justin’s comments about him but virtually every scrum half in the world now takes 2 steps to suck in a couple of the fringe defenders. He is lively and better I think than the alternatives.

    I think there’s now a strong chance they might only take 2 scrum halves. Foden can cover on the field but they may look to play Youngs for the full 80. That would free up a spot on the bench and allow you to have a 10, a versatile back (Armitage) and an impact player (Tuilagi). Certainly gives you options and frees up another spot in the squad. I’d much rather they did that than only took 2 tens.

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