8 thoughts on “Deans on O’Driscoll: ‘He’s a legend. We anticipated he’d be there.’

  1. No different to our camp declaring they are very happy we aren’t going to be facing Cooper.

  2. Here’s an idea – instead of Gats doing selection lets have two criteria

    a) Are you a legend? Do you deserve a good signoff? Then come and join the B+Is touring retirement party (unless you’re Martyn Williams, you can sod off).

    b) Are you the oppo coach? Who would you least like to play?

    We’ll take all of that and select a team out of it.

    For the record I think Gats is mad to drop BOD – I’d have JR/BOD starting with JD on the bench (but then we’d have had the Tui outcry, so it is a difficult selection). Where I stop though is in thinking it is a travesty to drop BOD. With 3 excellent outside centres on this tour isn’t dropping any one of them hard?

  3. Astounding decision.

    BOD is such a clever defender. Green and Gold Rugby did a good analysis on Roberts – he will be the target of some angles from our outside backs, assuming O’Connor can get the ball there.

    1. There is no doubt we lose something by not having BOD in there. The problem is that we have 3 very good outside centres on this tour and only 1 inside, so JR would likely be starting anywhere. Tough call on who of JR/BOD/Tui to take into the 3rd test. I’d have gone for BOD start with JR on the bench myself. I don’t think it’s that astounding a decision, the axe had to fall somewhere, BOD is not head and shoulders above the other options.

      1. Bugger – I have mixed up JD/JR all over the place in that comment.

        JR start inside centre – definite for me.
        JD/BOD to be the outside centre options, BOD to start. That would have been my pick.

        Still think not having Tui at all would have been a tough call though.

        1. Yeah you’ve got to start JD or not have in the team, I don’t it just seems to risky to drop BOD for a game like this, it seems like an unnecessary risk as JD is not clearly better than BOD, whether you think BOD is better than JD is opinion but they’re pretty tight so surely the experience edges it? The backlash he is going to receive if we lose, if we had lost but BOD had played there wouldn’t have been as much of an issue.

        2. Brighty I still can’t understand why he didn’t give Tuilagi a shot in the 12 shirt last week. JD is a very good player, but he’s much more effective at 13, and is very similar in style to BOD imo. Tuilagi has actually played a fair bit at 12, and can be used to great effect there.

  4. I posit that all small nations have this insecurity complex. Even NZ seem to fear the Aussies at times. I’ve seen them play poorly against Aus. I think Gatland brought that mentality to the series. He’s thinking as a kiwi up against Australia. At least that’s how it seems to me. Gatland hasn’t been bringing the combined strength of 4 nations on Australia. He’s been anticipating Deans too much, and maybe this is his last desperate wild card to shake things up. But, I still defend his decision to drop O’Driscoll. He’s past it, and has an ego problem. Hope he retires next year like he said he would.

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