Delon Armitage to miss RWC Quarter-Final due to suspension

Here is the official information below from the IRB:

Following a review of broadcast footage, Armitage was cited by Independent Citing Commissioner Scott Nowland (AUS) under Law 10.4(e) for a dangerous tackle in the Rugby World Cup 2011 Pool B match against Scotland in Auckland on 1 October.

Armitage was suspended by Independent Judicial Officer Bruce Squire QC (NZL) in accordance with the Rugby World Cup 2011 Disciplinary process.

Having conducted a detailed review of all the evidence available, including all broadcast angles and additional evidence from the Player and submissions from his legal representative, the Judicial Officer deemed the offence to be lower end offending which has an entry point of two weeks. However, taking into account particular aspects of the offending which the Judicial Officer found justified a reduction from the proscribed entry point when taken into consideration with mitigating factors and the absence of aggravating factors, the Player was suspended for a period of one match.

The suspension takes effect immediately will run up to and include 8 October. He is free to resume playing on 9 October.

Martin Johnson made this statement after the result of the hearing: “It’s a shame to lose Delon as he has played well but these things happen and we have some quality wings in Mark Cueto and Matt Banahan to chose from.”

Do you think the ban is fair?

25 thoughts on “Delon Armitage to miss RWC Quarter-Final due to suspension

  1. What a joke. High yes, dangerous no. There have been worse tackles than that in every match that have not recieved a citing. Oh and now we get Steve “arrogent english” Walsh as the ref. I suppose it could be worse we could have had Alain “half french”Rolland. I guess after all the media coverage no one is going to be on our side. seige mentality time.

    1. Hey Chris – I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Are you still sure you don’t want one of those (Nike approved) T-shirts I offered you last april? You know the ones predicting Leinster to win Heineken, Munster to win Magniers and Ireland to get to the WC final.

      Your friend – Ding Dong

        1. That’s not what you said after we turned your beloved saints around in May – forgotten your humble pie- eh? Keep backing the wrong horse.

          Ding Dong!

          1. Yeah but you were backing Northampton in the final “numpty” or have you forgotten. Your going to get numptied in the semi’s as well.

            Ding Dong!

        1. Congratulations on finally beating Australia 2nd XV, you’ll have something to take away when you get turned over by Wales on Saturday.

          Whilst the other bigger teams are playing on you could probably move on to trolling this other Chris you’re confusing me with. Try using some other Beano inspired pseudonym to brain-fart your spurious sentences of mindless guff.

          1. Apologies Chris on the mistaken identity – At least my “Beano inspired” pseudonym doesn’t cause confusion.

            Greetings to the real Chris (Chris E) – thanks for presenting yourself. Pity about the T-shirt – you might yet rue the day.

            Your friend
            Ding Dong

      1. That was me, i changed to Chris E as there were multiple ‘Chris’s’.

        And no i wont have a t shirt seeing as Ireland are going to loose to England in the semis !!! :D

        1. Dream on. England have plan A i.e. attempt to bash their way to victory and if that doesn’t work revert to plan A. Ireland or Wales will give England a thumping in the SF that is if England are to get past a crap France which I hope thry do as I guess both Ireland and Wales would prefer to meet England.

  2. Yes it may be ridiculous. But what happens now, if Tindall and Wilkinson don’t recover from their knocks. Hape and Cueto to start with Banahan on the bench? With Simpson as scrum half cover, and Wigglesworth to cover fly half. This is the reason Flutey should have been taken instead of Hape. But hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  3. Can still bring in Flutey cant we? Or is Wouldrom the replacement? Tindall only had a slight knock to the testes but Wilkinson is a bit of a worry, Flood deserves a chance anyway.

  4. Chris, how can woldrum be the replacement? He’s a back row forward not a centre!!!
    At irate is a liability and has form for indiscipline and he
    Is in no way the best full back/winger in the prem that’s
    English. Olly Morgan for one!!

  5. My understanding is we can only bring in Flutey if Tindall or Wilkinson have to be sent home, being unable to take any further part. But if Wilkinson is unable to continue, would we be better off bringing in an out an out 10? Hodgson? Has started well for Saracens.

  6. Woldrum took Sheridan’s spot after he was sent home, and they didn’t know if Easter would recover from his injury. So at the moment we have a full squad of thirty players. For anyone else to join the squad, someone has to come home.

  7. Poor decision. There have been worse tackles, and some really dodgy decisions. (not just against England)

    The IRB need to be consistent. They are killing this competition.

    1. The IRB need to stand up and be counted. Leaving the RFU to deal with the ball tampering issue internally is a joke. England are dragging the game into dishonour by cheating.

  8. Frank, my god – when are you going to shut up about cheating. Your other comment stated that you didn’t say England always cheat – far enough, but you keep going on and on about it like people give a *oss. Read this NOBODY CARES. Start commenting on the subject at hand or else don’t bother.

  9. Delons citing with Paterson is absolutely no worse that what Scotland player (think Ross Ford) did to Jonny! look on the RWC website and go to Englands page – latest photos and see the “face off” as its called he is geting totally maulled in the face with hand over both mouth and nose! but no mention of that one….Inconsitancy !!
    Still think we will beat the French though :-)

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