England Release First RWC 2015 Advert

A week on from the New Zealand celebrations, the first advert for the Rugby World Cup 2015 has been released.

Starring talented thespians Lawrence Dallaglio and Will Greenwood, the 2:40 video follows the journey of a ball drop kicked by Jonny Wilkinson, travelling back across England (a long-winded route over Dover but then past the Angel of the North and Old Trafford) before arriving safely in the arms of obvious candidate Ben Kay at Twickenham. Given Jonny’s World Cup form, it’s a little inaccurate, but might well get you in the mood for 2015.

23 thoughts on “England Release First RWC 2015 Advert

  1. They don’t waste time, do they? This kind of early advertising will definitely get rugby lovers in the mood, given the global spectacle the tournament has become. Bring on 2015!

  2. Christ. I thought it was Hallowe’en, not April Fool’s Day….
    Two and a half stomach-churning minutes.

  3. It’s not quite Boris Johnson on a double decker bus, but it’s certainly not far away! We could have done better than that surely.

    Loving the probably unintended irony though that if Ben Kay hadn’t dropped the ball over the line in the 2003 final then Jonny never would have needed to drop THAT goal.

    Still excited about RWC 2015 though!

  4. Depends if that was what Johnny was aiming at!? Must be a spoof though if Ben Kay caught it.

    Right we’ve got the competition – now to get a team sorted, and a manager, and coaches, and an RFU board, and …………..

  5. Good to see Johnny wearing our traditional white strip!! Wonder if the kiwis will have an all white away strip when they come to RWC’15. But then lots of people have white strips so I don’t suppose England will get precious about a colour!!

    1. It’s not like they’re harking back to 2003 is it – good to see that they are looking to the future!!

  6. My mate has just said it looks like a challenge from “The Apprentice” – put together a marketing proposal for England 2015…you have 4 hours and the help of Theo Paphitis.

    1. Why don’t we have a like button for comments? I like Spike’s last comment!

      You can almost imagine the planning – Got to have Wilko – a must. Who else is out there – Oh yes the England team have all been sent home, so can’t have any of them – aren’t there some commentators still out here – OK job done Greenwood and Dallaglio. Now who to use at Twickenham – well we’ve got no money left – who’s cheap…..

  7. Hopefully having seen the has beens, maybe in the next ad we’ll see the maybes for the next World Cup? An advert with Ford, Farrell & Tuilagi all running around a pitch?

    1. Trouble is that most of the general public would go “who are they”! Totally agree, but maybe Foden, Tuilagi and possibly Cole – most people must remember him after the RWC – but only if he keeps the hedge!

  8. guess what I am in the advert as one of the kids looking out the window of a car. And as the kids running into the stadium.

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