England v Samoa: The Aftermath

Here’s your opportunity to discuss the game as soon as the whistle goes, as if you were in the pub with your mates following this afternoon’s Investec International.

Did you enjoy the match? What are the main talking points? Have your say here, and in the meantime, we’ll be preparing our thoughts as well as the exclusive post-match interviews, videos and audio content.

First up, Martin Johnson…


9 thoughts on “England v Samoa: The Aftermath

  1. Almost as expected to be honest. Samoa very physical and made a game of it and then ran out of steam with half an hour to go. 

    Slightly disappointed that it wasn’t as emphatic as last week but a win is a win. Must win next week I think.

  2. Didn’t think we played bad at all, I just think Samoa played very well for the majority of the game and shut down our danger runners superbly. They tested us physically and mentally and we came through it, which is a good thing as next week we face more of the same with South Africa. A win next week is essential.

  3. I thought that Samoa were good value and had Stowers not dropped the ball at the end, England would not be so cheeful about the final score this morning. The Island nations are showing decent form coming in to NZ 2011. Imagine how good they could be if the IRB safegaurded their fixtures against Tier 1 Nations?

    As for England, Hape looked good, but any team worth their salt would be putting the ball in behind him and Banahan in the centres. They have the turning circle of oil tankers. I thought Easter was excellent. Behind Jamie Heaslip, he’s the best homegrown 8 in the British Isles at the moment.

    Courtney Lawes scragged by a scrumhalf; shameful!

  4. This was always going to be a disappointing game after the win against Australia and I think England came thorugh well and Samoa were excellent.

    MoM for me was Fourie, but I am starting to like Hape more and more and despite a shaky start Bananaman didnt look out of place either.

    Apart from Thommo’s kick the replacements worked very well too.

    Stowers, Williams and Maps stood out for Samoa – if they can get their set piece sorted they will be a very dangerous side.

  5. I still think Attwood is better than Palmer @ Lock,m perhaps not as experienced but a better prospect. his performances v NZ maori were really good in the summer.

    What did Palmer do that was stand out?apart from his illegal turnover of Genia?

  6. I’ve been impressed by Palmer so far this Autumn, and indeed in Australia in the summer. I hadn’t been a huge fan previously, but he seems to be getting around the park, making tackles, carrying effectively and generally getting involved.

    I would like to see Attwood and Lawes develop alongside each other though, but maybe it’s too late for the 2011 Rugby World Cup and Johnno will stick with Palmer and Lawes.

  7. Palmer calls the lineouts and is becoming a bit of a leader in that pack. He’s growing in to the role. Think we should keep him there for a while to come, certainly through to the World Cup at least.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Hape given a crack at 13 when Flutey comes back. Wasn’t convinced at first but like his feet and his skills. Don’t think he keeps the defence honest enough at 12 at times but in terms of distribution, his offloading game and decision-making are better than both Tindall and Banahan.

    Thought England did ok. Never thought I’d say this but think they need to spend a bit more time sucking the defence in before going wide, or at least hitting a man up short a couple of times before then putting it behind him to a second wave runner. Samoa found it quite easy to just slide across the pitch and cut off England’s wide attacks.

    Still, the great thing is that, for the first time for some years it is actually clear what England are trying to do. That is a triumph in itself.

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