England v Scotland 6 Nations 2013: Scotland player ratings


15. Stuart Hogg – 8.5
Scotland’s most impressive performer. He broke the gain-line repeatedly and offered some excellent counter attacking play. Impressive relief kicking and a resilient defender who fought to the last breath.

14. Sean Maitland – 6
Making his debut for Scotland and did not disappoint. Grabbed himself a well-taken try and looked threatening throughout. England tried their best to contain the young winger but his energy, drive and determination were superior to the majority on the pitch.

13. Sean Lamont – 5
In a game which called-out for game changers, Lamont was nowhere to be found. Did his job running the lines and defending but showed little else to spark a Scotland team who needed a leader to take the game to the English. Not one of his best games but not one of the worst – Scotland will need more from the big playmaker.

12. Matt Scott – 6
Performed well, strong in the tackle and ran hard at the English defence. He was one of Scotland’s few attacking threats but couldn’t do all of the work himself. Scott finds the gaps, exposes defenses and works hard but with no supporting cast he will forever be under-appreciated.

11. Tim Visser – 6
Another weapon the Scots felt could change the game but was not found enough to assert himself on the game. The defense kept him quite all game – Scotland need to find ways to let him run free or he will be as useful as a car with no engine.

10. Ruaridh Jackson – 3
Had a very poor game, laid no foundation for the team to build from nor did he use an ounce of the playmaking ability he supposedly possesses. England kept the young fly-half silent but so would a team of 15 year-olds.

9. Greig Laidlaw – 5
Better than Jackson in every aspect of play but still lacked the skill to compete with a talented English side. He is not Scotland’s answer at scrum-half but could offer a better performance at 10. Laidlaw is one of Scotland’s most dynamic players who offers invention, enthusiasm and vision. The decision to start him at 9 was a mistake and one Scotland will hopefully learn from.

8. Johnnie Beattie – 3
Brought back into the international fold thanks to string of strong performances at Montpellier but apart from a token trot over the gain-line the big number 8 did nothing else of merit. Lacking the pace and determination to keep with the match, he faded into the crowd and was silent for the remainder of the contest.

7. Kelly Brown – 8.5
Easily one of Scotland’s best performers. The imposing flanker never stopped running and worked hard to secure the ball. Made the hard yards while disrupting the English rucks and mauls, making a complete nuisance of himself.

6. Alasdair Strokosch (Dave Denton) – 4
Denton came on early on because of an injury, and had a chance to show why he should have been on the starting teamsheet but failed to impress. Gave away too many penalties, gifting England easy position and points while being completely outplayed by the strong English pack.

5. Jim Hamilton – 4
With every international game the big lock looks more and more battle tired and weary. He was unable to replicate his club form on the international stage yet again. He was absent for much of the contest especially in the moments when Scotland needed him most.

4. Richie Gray – 4
The hype which surrounded the young giant has faded, he no longer has the title of being ‘the next BIG thing’ he is now just a man, albeit a tall one, who fails to standout in a pack which lacks talent. Positionally was poor and poses no real threat when running with the ball. England easily put him on his back, never allowing whatever it is he is capable of to materialize.

3. Euan Murray – 3
The evangelical prop has long lived off his reputation of being one of the games most consistent and strong performers. The reputation he once had he no longer merits, he was worked hard by the less experienced Marler and was dominated in every other facet of the contest. Yet another passenger onboard the awful Scottish pack.

2. Dougie Hall – 4
Fluffed his big opportunity. He had a chance to impose himself on the international stage but failed to stamp any sort of presence on the match. Far too much inconsistent play to feel that his place is safe for the Scots’ next Six Nations match against Italy.

1. Ryan Grant – 4
Managed to keep Cole subdued for much of the match but was caught ball-watching and anonymous throughout the contest. He provided Scotland with no platform to build from nor did he show any signs of a drive to compete. A very poor game from someone Scotland could have used.


By Alexander McLeman


18 thoughts on “England v Scotland 6 Nations 2013: Scotland player ratings

  1. Couldn’t agree more about Hogg, outstanding!! I’m always apprehensive playing the Auld enemy and after Scotland A performance expected more.

  2. Agree with Richie Gray assessment. His time at Sale has seen his form decline radically, both Parling and Launchbury out played him at his own supposed game.

  3. Far too harsh on Laidlaw and Beattie. Laidlaw did well to boss the team about and Beattie was one of the stars of the day. Also not rating the fact that you’ve decided to pick on the Scotland pack as individuals because they failed to function as a unit. Ignorant.

  4. I agree with Dale, too hard on Beattie and Laidlaw. it is hard being a scrum half when the forwards are getting smacked backwards, this is the same for all the backs, the entire line never really go a srtring of chances to show us what they can do.

    Jackson was awful, scotland need to move the ball quicker away from the tackle area, they don’t have the power to attack up the middle.

    Back three looked good, Hogg is going to put his name down for the lions tour if he keeps playing like that,needs to do it for several games, though.

    1. Hogg was good but thought Visser was pretty anonymous

      Maitland not sure either way. Took his try well but any winger worth his salt should have done

  5. I’d agree Laidlaw wasn’t great, but given how bad the pack were that’s perhaps unsurprising. I don’t think a better scrum half could have made a much better fist of it. Also, I’m pretty certain that he is primarily a scrum half, and I think that’s shown when he was playing at 10. (Rather than vice-versa in this match, if that makes sense.)

  6. And while i’m at it, Weir MUST be given his chance at 10. We’ve decided that Laidlaw is too small and Jackson has failed to perform.

    As far as the pack is concerned, Mcinally should come in for Strokosch and Lawrie in for Hall (Or onto the bench at the very least) while in the backs Horne should slot in for Lamont. It would mean a big lack in experience but Lamont just failed to fire, and thus he must be dropped accordingly.

    1. have to agree Miles, i felt this scotland team actually put a pretty decent foot forward. had they started Max Evans at 13 (as not only is he playing well in france, but it would have given the back 3 more ball) then the backs may have looked better. Gray seemed to cause a few lineout problems for Parling, which is no mean feat! and a 3 for Beattie is unfair, as i thought that he looked pretty decent – after all he managed to bounce parling twice (and parling ended up england’s top tackler i believe)

      they did get it right with Hogg and K. Brown though, exceptional performances from those two.

  7. I initially thought it was a bit harsh on the Scots.. but then I tried to think of reasons to say why they deserved a higher rating and couldn’t think of anything.

    The Scottish pack were completely outplayed, even their coach said they lost every contact and it was a 20 point defeat so something went seriously wrong somewhere.

    3s and 4s are seen as a bit of a taboo, but perhaps on this occasion it was deserved. The entire starting pack made under 100 metres between 8 of them (includes Denton over Strokosch)

  8. Think Beattie deserved better but over all very poor. Think that some of the A team should be given a shoot. I don’t know what Scotland do about a standoff but if they get as little ball as Saturday I would suggest one that can tackle would be more use than one that can pass or kick. Morrison at standoff? (If you are reading this Scott Johnson, that was a joke, just in case)

  9. Not sure where you’re coming from regarding Beattie. He has been singled out by most other commentators as one of the few positives (along with the back three)from the Scotland performance with a few great line breaks, one of which led directly to three points.

  10. Think that you are being harsh on quite a number of the Scots. Scott and Beattie among others deserved more IMO.

  11. Marks a little harsh in places, e.g. Marler and Murray had parity in scrum. If the tighthead does his primary job of anchoring the scrum I don’t see how can be worth only a 3.

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