England 11 South Africa 21: The Aftermath

Here’s your initial opportunity to share your thoughts on the latest England game – to ‘wang on’, as an Aussie friend might say, as if you were in the pub.

Expectations were high in the lead up to the game, and a victory would have capped a hugely successful Investec International series. As it happened, England were unable to deal with South Africa’s power as they exerted control on the game for the duration.

Here is what Johnno had to say in the post-match press conference yesterday:


What were your thoughts? Are you still pleased with England’s progress with less than a year to go until the Rugby World Cup?

6 thoughts on “England 11 South Africa 21: The Aftermath

  1. Frustration and anger spring to mind. Awful handling skills, not able to match physical power, poor discipline, seemed like there was no game plan (and if there was, there definitely wasn’t a plan b or c) and we didn’t seem to want to give our backs too much ball – all in all, very much the England of old!

  2. Disappointing to see several forwards lingering in midfield; they lack the dynamism and handling skills of the backs. When the ball needs to be spread wide they seem to revert to a bash ’em up stance, which as we saw was highly ineffective against the South african defence.

  3. Dam

    England hit early on with injuries, flood, croft, ashton. We see here a reliance of the england team on Tom Croft for decent line out ball, not a great game, the saffers out bashed England with ease, Hodgeson played well though.

  4. Really disappointed about the game yesterday. It was a bit of a lesson for England though, and hopefully they’ll improve further as a result.

    England’s backs thought they could conjure up space out of nowhere, but the Boks closed them down and there was no plan B. They need to learn to play an appropriate game according to the opposition and the conditions, and they couldn’t do that yesterday and never looked like winning.

    We’ll up some more stuff up on the site shortly…

  5. South Africa defended brilliantly. Time and again they smashed us backwards. Credit to them, they never left an overlap and we weren’t canny enough to manufacture one of our own.

    A very close test and one that we could have one on another day.

    Overall we’ve done well this autumn and we should have the confidence to do well in the 6 nations and know we can challenge anyone in the World Cup. A lot more than i would have expected this time last year.

  6. As a Kiwi reflecting on the SH end of year tours, I can say that a lot of people here are beginning to discuss England as a very genuine world cup threat. They’ve peservered and their game is now developing in the right direction.

    My personal opinion.. if the All Blacks’ perennial world cup woes are to continue next year, it will be either Australia or England who prevail. Interestingly, both teams whose coaches must have been under a lot of pressure over long periods of poor results but who seem to be coming together at the right time.

    So I’d be puzzled if English supporters are pessimistic. Hell, here in New Zealand we’ve earned the right to be pessimistic. This time around I’d say the whole country will be on Valium come the quarter finals. Favouritism means nothing as we know too well, and England is definitely shaping as a team who can spoil our party.

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