ERC: ‘All parties reaffirm commitment to negotiations’

In response to yesterday’s announcement that the English and French clubs were splitting off to form their own competition, ERC have released a statement alledgedly reaffirming all parties’ commitment to negotiations.

The full statement reads:

Despite recent reports, all parties involved in the formulation of a new ERC Accord, including the Ligue Nationale de Rugby (LNR) and Premiership Rugby, have reaffirmed their commitment to the process. A meeting focused solely on the negotiations will be convened by ERC as soon as practicable.

It was agreed at a scheduled ERC Board meeting in Dublin today (Wednesday, 11 September 2013) that ERC would facilitate the discussions and that the current points of difference, including the share of central revenues, qualification and season dates, would all be on the table.

The Board reiterated that European club competitions must be organised by ERC and that any purported cross-border club tournaments needed the approval both of the IRB, and of the relevant Unions who are shareholders of ERC.

Surprise was expressed at the timing and content of yesterday’s media announcements by the Ligue Nationale de Rugby (LNR) and Premiership Rugby, and representatives of both bodies were invited to explain their positions.

It was pointed out that there was a range of proposals made by stakeholders, none of which were acceptable to all parties, and it was agreed that the negotiations towards a definitive solution needed to begin again in earnest.

Those attending the meeting were:

Jean-Pierre Lux (ERC Chairman)
René Bouscatel (Ligue Nationale de Rugby)
Olivier Keraudren (Federation Française de Rugby)
Philip Browne (Irish Rugby Football Union)
Peter Boyle (Irish Rugby Football Union)
Peter Wheeler (Premiership Rugby)
Roy Headey (Rugby Football Union)
Ian McLauchlan (Scottish Rugby)
Dominic McKay (Scottish Rugby)
Roger Lewis (Welsh Rugby Union)
Stuart Gallacher (Regional Rugby Wales)
Fabrizio Gaetaniello (Federazione Italiana Rugby)

Photo by: Patrick Khachfe / Onside Images

9 thoughts on “ERC: ‘All parties reaffirm commitment to negotiations’

  1. Eh? Is this an old post or something? Doesn’t this completely disagree with the “all ERC negotiations are over” note from PRL yesterday? Are Peter Wheeler and Mark McAfferty (sp?) not saying the same thing?

    Load of rubbish from ERC here anyway – “we had a meeting in which we agreed to arrange a meeting to discuss the problem.” Brilliant. Begs the question as to what was discussed in this meeting if they couldn’t find the time to discuss the small matter of ERC now being redundant.

  2. I think it’s mostly a case of yesterday, English and French clubs began preparing for the eventuality that a deal isn’t agreed. I don’t think they ever ceased negotiations, they just acknowledged that if they were going to organise something to replace it they’d have to come up with a replacement in time.

    1. Yesterday they said “discussions have been unsuccessful and the clubs can only conclude that negotiations on any new European agreement have now ended”. Seemed pretty straightforward to me that they were saying negotiations have ended.

  3. I can do the agenda for it now:

    1) Grandstanding (30 mins)
    2) Posturing (60 mins)
    3) Coffee (30 mins)
    4) Willy Waving (30 mins)
    5) Sulking (60 mins)
    6) Lunch (120 mins)
    7) Discussion on the Future of European Club Rugby (5 mins)
    8) Finger Pointing (30 mins)
    9) Discussion on how to spin a press release that sounds like we are moving forwards (60 mins)
    10) Decision on When and Where to Hold the Next Meeting (60 mins)
    11) AOB

  4. These guys should be locked in a room until they work something out, how ever long it might take. They are just cutting the nose off to spite the face.

  5. It’s nice to know that the subject is still being discussed. McAfferty and his money-grubbers would like us to think that they’ve killed European rugby and are now humping the corpse, but hopefully that’s just a bit of misplaced posturing from the soulless pricks.

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