Fantasy and Prediction Leagues 2012: Round 1 Standings

After the first round of the 2012 RBS 6 Nations, here are the standings in our SportGuru prediction league and Guinness fantasy league.


SportGuruThe prediction statistics show that most people correctly predicted the France and England victories at the weekend. No fewer than 17 league members had France by 18, and 11 people had England to win by 7.

The final match of the weekend was technically an upset, with more people backing Ireland than Wales. It was a nailbiter all the way to the end, with Wales nicking it to win by 2. Only 3 people were spot on with that result, including Moggy, who leads the way at the end of the round (ahead of Austin Healey in third!).

Visit SportGuru to see the full league standings.

Guinness Fantasy Rugby

GuinnessIn the fantasy league, John Tyler leads the way, mainly because he only picked players from the winning sides, France, England and Wales. Wesley Fofana, Aurelien Rougerie and Charlie Hodgson chipped in with tries whilst Yachvili knocked over a few kicks.

You can also see John Tyler in second place, and in 6th, which raises the question of morality in entering multiple teams. Alex Boag is clearly guilty as well, and there are probably a few others in the 130-strong league.

What are your thoughts? Should multiple entries be disqualified? Perhaps we should only count the lowest-ranked team?!