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We have a festive Fantasy XV this week, and it’s a pretty strong side with a healthy balance of power and pace – let us know what you think.

SnowmanThe Snowman: “from the Thomas Waldrom school of Number 8s”

1. Frosty – this snowman is ice cold in the scrum, with the bulk that can give the modern day loosehead the edge in the modern game.

2. Santa’s Elf – low centre of gravity, and a great ally to the tighthead prop.

3. Santa Claus – unquestionable ballast in the scrum, and an incredible ability to get around quickly. Always gets the job done.

4. Rudolph – the soaring red nose will offer a great target in the lineout, and those antlers should help to fend off tacklers in the loose.

5. The Grinch – strong in the lineout, but can get a little negative in team talks – needs to work on team spirit.

6. Ghost of Christmas Past – an enforcer, and a real menace at the breakdown that always makes you wish you’d done things differently afterwards.

7. Scrooge – won’t give anything away at the breakdown, and will snaffle all the possession he can. Beginning to learn the value of teamwork as well.   

8.  The Snowman – a big old unit, solid at the base of the scrum, whilst still being a bit of a flyer. A player from the Thomas Waldrom school of Number 8s.

9. Santa’s Little Helper – ideal stature for scrum-half with good ball delivery, and he’s nippy around the breakdown.

10. Jesus – the big man himself has to dictate play from the key position. Impressive hands, elusive enough to evade defenders, and has the composure to keep control under pressure. The guiding light of the side.

11. The Holy Spirit – literally gets everywhere on the pitch and will be a potent attacking threat on the wing.

12. Blitzen – If this reindeer lives up to his name, he could be a real nuisance in an up-and-out defensive system.

13. Jack Frost – nippy in the loose, and a real ice hard asset in defence. Has a tendency to go missing in Summer games, but an everpresent in the side in the winter.

14. Dasher – another representative from the reindeer squad. Dasher by name…

15. Mrs Claus – the old adage of ‘behind every great man is a great woman’ couldn’t be more apt. Offers control at the back and doesn’t mind letting others steal the limelight. 

19 thoughts on “Fantasy Rugby: the Christmas XV

  1. With a back room staff of Three Wise Men, this team could be very competitive. Would have liked to have seen a spot for Kevin from Home Alone who shows initiative, a real eye for a gap, is not easily fazed and can wriggle himself out of a tight spot. And let’s face it, Christmas is all about Home Alone.

  2. I would have had Kevin McCallister from Home Alone in at 7, his resources to repel men and never fall foul of the law (even when maiming them) are key skills

  3. Two mentions for Home Alone’s Kevin…maybe he deserves a call up. A bit on the small side for a 7 perhaps, but could make a good 9. There might be a few other contenders from Christmas films actually…

  4. Donner and Blitzen @ 12 and 13 surely? Perfect telepathic combo with pace and power.

    Downside of the reindeers is if they played @ Rosslyn park,or on any field, they might get distracted by the food source under their hooves and deer brothers in the woods.

    Santas elf @ 2 is too nice and lightweight for me. Id have Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo from South Park who is from the Mark Regan school of hookers.

    im so glad to see Snowman/Waldrom in the side.

  5. If you shift Blitzen to full back, there’s room for any two out of Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas Future.

    Not ones to shy away from confrontation, they can ghost through gaps and play impressive mind games with the oppo.

  6. Your selection at 10’s a pretty controversal one, seeing that there’s a whole song about how he can’t play rugby. Tends to wear illegal headgear, for one thing.

  7. Hugh LOL but good shout John Maclain is a shoe in at 6 surely! Talk about putting your body on the line! Makes Moody look like a little girl.

    Or you could have Animal or cookie monster from Muppets Christmas Carrol at 6&7??

  8. Loving the die hard call….but surely, Christmas without star wars isn’t Christmas!!!!!!???? I would have Yoda at 9, small, agile, tackles anything and has an amazing ability to spot the tiniest of gaps in any defensive line!!!!


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