Gallagher Premiership 2018/19: Rate the Semi-finals

Rob Baxter

Here is your opportunity to discuss the two Premiership semi-finals this afternoon.

How close were Hutch’s predictions to the final outcomes?

What did you think of the games? Who played well, and who do you think will win the final next weekend?

11 thoughts on “Gallagher Premiership 2018/19: Rate the Semi-finals

  1. What did you think of the games? – there was only going to be one winner at the Allianz & Saints weren’t able to deal with Ex in a second week in a row.
    Who played well? – Sarries. They didn’t really get out of 4th gear which is quite frightening.
    Who will win next week? – The Unstoppable Machine That Is Saracens. Ex would have to have absolutely everything going right for them to even be in with a slight change of keeping pace let alone win.

      1. I am forever the optimist Don, but in this regard I can only foresee one result. There’s not a club side or many international sides that could live with this current Sarries crop.

  2. You’re prob right about the final. However, as Saracens have lost a few, including to Worcester only recently & are 2nd in the table on points to Ex, I think yr optimism may be stretching it a tad. Besides, I’m unconvinced that a few S Rugby franchises wouldn’t fancy their chanches v the befezzed ones.

    1. Don, in the few games Sarries lost they were either devoid of their internationals, or resting them. When you’re competitive in both the Premiership and Europe you have to rest more players and sacrifice a few games here and there.

  3. Enjoyable enough games. Both Saints and Gloucester had their moments, but ultimately were undone by the extra class of their opponents. Fact is, Saracens and Exeter are streets ahead of everyone else in the league right now.
    Thats not a good situation. The rest simply have to get a lot better.
    Saracens will start as favourites. They have a record of performing well in the big games that Exeter lack.

  4. Find it hard to know what I thought of the Ex, N’thamption game. Missed the Sarries, Glous match as I watched the 7’s. The first game was initially depleting as it was processional for the 1st 1/4. Ex grinding, N’thamption caving, falling off in defence. Then, seemingly inexplicably, the latter came back into it with some skilful stuff. However, Reinach missed a sitter under the posts just before 1/2 time. It would have put N’thampton physically as well as psychologically ahead & pressured Ex. Wasn’t to be though. Ex mainly ground out the win. Some decent tries I suppose, but by then the game had reverted to replicating the 1st 1/4 for me. So, rated the 2nd 1/4 as it presented the possibly of a real contest. The rest, frankly, was somewhat disappointing.. expect for Ex fans I guess? Don’t really recall whom played that well. The Ex 10, Simmons looked nippy, scored, although the oppo ‘D’ were a mite AWOL & the N’thampton backs handled pretty good @ times. Other than those, dunno. Hope the final’s more competitive. Better to rate then.

    1. Agree with you re the 2nd game Don. Exeter were grinding out the points but some very flashy tries brought Saints back into contention.

      Couldn’t believe that Reinach dropped that ball after some lovely footwork from Hutchinson. Saints also couldn’t seem to judge the breeze and left a few penalty points on the field.


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