Geech: I love coaching at Bath

We spoke to Ian McGeechan at Bath’s season launch yesterday, and the little maestro is clearly revelling in his new role at the club.

We asked him exactly what his task was as Performance Director, and he was clear that he was advising and supporting the coaching team, rather than ‘driving things from the front’ as he has done in previous roles.

“I’m really enjoying things at Bath. I get to do what coaches love doing, putting ideas out there and seeing if we can take them forward.”

“I’m spending a lot of time one on one with the other coaches, and one on one with the players, trying to use my experience to help them see things slightly differently.”

Geech also explained that he would have communications with Martin Johnson and the other England coaches, reporting on the performance and development of various players in the Bath squad.

That immediately made us think of Olly Barkley, and whether Geech could tell Johnno that he really should have picked him in the Elite Player Squad… so Nick went to have a chat with Barkley about the issue.

“I was told that I didn’t put my hand up enough on tour to warrant a place in the squad and that I had to work on my defence.” Barkley added, “I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I just have to get on with it.”

When we asked whether he thought having Geech around might help his chances, he wasn’t really anticipating a helping hand.

“I’ve just got to get on with playing for Bath, working hard and maybe improving my defence. It’s up to me to get myself back in contention.”

We’ll bring you the full audio from Nick Heath’s interviews in due course.