I want a ‘Match of the Day’ for rugby

MOTD Rugby

This is a worthy new campaign that merits the support of readers of The Rugby Blog, and I urge you to join.

Like most of us, Ben Cook wants to see a ‘Match of the Day’ type program for rugby, and is actually doing something about it.

Take a few minutes to follow the link below and sign the petition which will hopefully result in the BBC providing a ‘regular’ TV slot at a sensible hour, dedicated to showing highlights from the weekend’s rugby union across the UK.


If you too feel strongly about this then visit the website, sign the petition, get a t-shirt and then email every single one of your contacts on Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and BT Internet and tell them to do exactly the same as you.

There is also a Facebook group with over 17,500 members, so join that too.

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