Jamie Noon’s view on England’s problems

We’ve been sent this interview with Jamie Noon – a known reader of The Rugby Blog – and he offers his views of where Martin Johnson’s men are going wrong.


4 thoughts on “Jamie Noon’s view on England’s problems

  1. Next game is actually the France game. Good to see the interviewer has done his research. Very polite of Noon not to correct him.

    He’s spot on about chasing lost causes. Everybody knows it, but they keep doing it. Hopefully Noon can explain it to the rest of the team in words of one syllable, possibly with the aid of diagrams and the problem will go away.

  2. Love the place-kicking style of that kid. Stu, you could take some notes – he actually got his conversion from in front of the posts…..

  3. What a weird coincidence – I was at the Hilton in Newcastle on Saurday and what should I see in the car park but that same garish Range Rover with the badges of the 12 GP clubs on it.

    I was (as I mentioned in another post) at a conference on the lovely subject of self harm. Maybe Jamie was there too then. I hope he hasn’t been driven to start self harming after being dropped by England, but that could explain the black eye.

    Was a pretty crap interviewer wasn’t he Stuart? What a lame question about how important grass roots rugby is. I’d love him to have turned round and said “no, it’s a waste of time – just ship in loads of kids from the pacific when they’re 18 and make them live here for 3 years, that’ll be loads cheaper”.

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