Join our Fantasy Rugby and Predictor Leagues for Six Nations 2018

The Six Nations is now just weeks away, and what better way to get through January than by tinkering with your fantasy rugby team?

Fantasy Six Nations Rugby

Fantasy Rugby

Superbru has the best Fantasy Rugby games on offer, with a smart, simple interface for selecting your squad and picking your starting team each week, as well as a clever scoring system that rewards all-round play, rather than just point-scoring actions (tries and kicks) like other fantasy rugby games.

Join our pool using the details below, and you can set up your own private leagues too to challenge your mates and work colleagues.

Pool name: The Rugby Blog
Pool code: ionslull

Good luck!

2017 Honours
1st: Jean Schutte
2nd: Matt Bartlett
3rd: Brandon Portnoy

2016 Honours
1st: Rihan Saayman
2nd: Pete Nav
3rd: Kevin Holmes

2015 Honours
1st: Sir Bufton Tufton
2nd: Armon Fourie
3rd: James Pate

Six Nations Predictor

Six Nations Rugby

The Superbru Predictor games are quick and simple to play – just pick the winner and winning margin, and you’ll win points for accuracy. It’s fun and addictive, so please get involved and take us on.

Pool name: The Rugby Blog
Pool code: wormjuno

2017 Honours
1st: Sebastien Duquesne
2nd: Ramon Llobregat
3rd: Jason Kable

2016 Honours
1st: Eileen Myburgh
2nd: Martin Lovell
3rd: Alan Hutchings

2015 Honours
1st: Ian Melluish
2nd: Bob Ricketts
3rd: Giles Joiner

2014 Honours
1st: Rob Douglas
2nd: James Mclaughlin
3rd: Maarten De Bruyker

2013 Honours
1st: Michael Smith
2nd: Gwenyth Koster
3rd: Chris Clarkson

2012 Honours
1st: Richard Macadam
2nd: Dave Armitage
3rd: Robbie Burroughs

2012 Honours
1st: Gregg Andersson
2nd: Brandon Roberts
3rd: Andy Hartup