Join our Heineken Cup prediction league on SuperBru

SuperBruHeineken Cup

As always, we have set up a pool for the Heineken Cup prediction game on SuperBru. It’s free to play and weirdly addictive, so follow the link below and get involved.

The Heineken Cup is a great tournament on SuperBru, with so many fixtures over each weekend and plenty of points of up for grabs – and you can watch every game on TV (in theory)!

The link below should take you straight into the pool, and you can set up your own or join others from there.

Amlin Challenge Cup

We also have a pool running in the second tier competition, so if you think you know who will win matches featuring Rugby Rovigo and the Bucharest Wolves, get involved below! It starts tonight with Mont-de-Marsan v Gloucester, so make your picks now.

Good luck…!