Julien Dupuy’s eye gouging of Stephen Ferris

Rather than an advent treat, today’s video is more of a festive travesty – the Ulster v Stade Francais match was hugely overshadowed by this unbelievable double attempt at gouging by Julien Dupuy.

What was he thinking? And why have there been so many cases of gouging in the last 12 months? I think the ERC should make an example of Dupuy and ban him for as long as possible – what do you think?


13 thoughts on “Julien Dupuy’s eye gouging of Stephen Ferris

  1. What on earth goes through the mind of a player to make them do that? I can understand why people lose their temper and throw punches in a sea of rage, but I can’t imagine thinking “that’s it, I’m going for the eyes”.

    This one is pretty blatant, and if there’s consistency it will have to be a 3+ month ban.

  2. Disgusting play.

    Shane Jennings was banned for 3 months for “making contact with the eye area” of Nick Kennedy which was deemed to be at the lower end on the scale of seriousness by the disciplinary panel. Kennedy himself said he exaggerated his reaction and yet Jennings had his appeal for the ban to be reduced overturned.

    Therefore with this precedent set, Dupuy should get a 3 month ban at the very least.

    Why do players think they’ll get away with this nowadays when there are so many cameras at games?

  3. Of course, Dupuy will be banned for a long period of time.

    But as a rugby player and lover (for a long time) I’d like to say I don’t like these players “exaggerating their reaction” as football players. Rugby doesn’t need that either.

    And what could I say about such a clever comment :”in a room with Ferris”… Far West lover?

  4. Remi – you having a laugh about over reaction?! You ever had some sneaky wee turd stick a finger in your eye. If you had, you would know that you pull away pretty bloomin fast if you can and it stings like crazy. Ferris is a tough cookie and that why wee rats like Dupuy do dirty things like that. Lets face it though, the other gouge from arms length while the player was pinned to the gound was even worse

  5. Remi, I’m not sure that’s a sensible thing to say. There is no place for gouging in our game, and you can’t blame someone for reacting when someone sticks fingers in their eyes.

    It’s a hideous crime and the punishment should act as a deterrent to others.

  6. I like Ferg’s suggestion myself. We already have this type of ‘justice’ perpetrated everyday in the UK, its called out-of-court disposal and implemented by the boys in blue across the 43 force areas. The current favourite when they ‘stick one on’ is called the Caution, btw. All done behind closed doors…..and you’ve got no chance of challenging the unfair, unjust administration because of course nobody is going to believe your word against that of a police officer. On reflection, perhaps we should organise a proper hearing…

  7. These incidents bring rugby into disrepute. The attacks have the potential to permanently damage an opponents eyesight. Dupey made 3 cowardly attempts to injure Ferris. This individual need to be banned for a minimum of 3 years.
    The French seem to have a penchant for despicable behavior when they are being outplayed.
    Being outplayed may become more common as they insist on turning out in “girlie pink”.

  8. I was gouged once quite badly and it changed my whole perception of it as an offence. it really is a pretty terrifying experience, especially if the guy gets a good grip on your head at the same time (so your head cant move). I think at the very least he should be banned for 6 months, but hopefully more.

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