7 thoughts on “Lawrence Dallaglio previews the Heineken Cup Quarter Finals

  1. “The beauty of the Pro12 is that the Celtic nations can field weakened teams?” Hogwash. Has Dallaglio even seen a Pro12 game? If not then I suggest he check out last week’s Leinster v Ulster game at the RDS and tell me if there were not two teams fighting for every inch.

    Munster have not been fielding weakened teams by choice, but through the many injuries that the national team picked up in the Six Nations. Plus Glasgow have come on leaps and bounds this season. Indeed there are five teams – Glasgow, Ulster, Leinster, Ospreys and Scarlets – fighting tooth and nail to get into the top 4 playoffs of the Rabo regardless of the fact that all are likely to qualify for next year’s Heineken Cup.

    The very fact that Leinster failed at the last hurdle for the past three years to lift the Magners/ Pro12 after having won the Heineken Cup suggests that the league title is something the Celtic teams fight to win, whatever the French or the English may think.

    1. wasnt that the first time in 13 years leinster were beaten at home by ulster. evem the commentators sounded gutted, they looked liked they’d just been fumped.by their girlfriends, but .. if it was just leinster vs edinburgh or any non-irish team for that matter, it would have been no biggie. but ulster…i could feel their pain

  2. i agree with you gavin, the aviva and the french 14 leagues think we are the weaker teams, but in actual fact are scottish irish and welsh teams have the potential and determination to beat anyone.

    1. at what point did anyone say “they ARE weaker teams?”

      they didnt.

      the point Dallaglio made was that, due to the format of the competition, it can often be seen that certain teams (not all) have their star players start the season later.

      much like the crusaders do with Carter, McCaw and sometimes Read. Leinster (the main culprit) will rest guys like BOD, Kearney sometimes Sexton and SOB, and they make their first appearances 4 or 5 games into the season. so that they are a bit fresher when the HC and Amlin kick off.

      And Gavin, with regard to your comments about the Leinster and Ulster game. Firstly, that is 1 game AND it is in the business end of the season.

      the teams in the Rabo are NOT weaker than the Aviva or Top 14 (seen by the fact that the past few HC winners tend to come from the Rabo) but due to the format (having teams like Treviso, Zebre and to an extent Edinburgh, Connaght and the Dragons) means that some of the stronger teams can afford to have the odd player start their season a few games later than others.

  3. Munster was pretty much a full strength team against Glasgow, and Paul O’connell was playing, so I don’t really know what they are on about?

    Also I don’t really understand this argument that Rabo12 teams can field poor teams with no consequences, but Avia can’t.

    1. Rabo12 playoffs and title are still up for grabs
    2. The English teams in the running are nowhere near relegation so they to could field poor teams, like the Pro12 teams apparently do, with no fear of relegation.

    So everyone is in pretty much the same position, and I’m a bit sick of hearing this excuse .

    1. the problem, ad, is that we listen to trolls like dallaglio. they just cant help themselves and need to be pre-ignored. this “celtic” term seems to be very fashionable with them theses days. unfortunately for them, the republic of ireland transcends any notion if ireland being a submissive celtic colony. ireland are the only “”celtic”” nation to have won the hc, not just once but 5 times, 6 if u include ulster. we’re clearly not one of their submissive “”celtic”” colonies, thats the difference. let them keep speaking as if we are. it makes zero difference to reality.

  4. This site really needs a “like” button so I can like all your responses to this condescending horse-shit.

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