Leicester lift Guinness Premiership trophy

Leicester Tigers defeated London Irish at Twickenham on Saturday to clinch another Guinness Premiership title, but the standard of the game left a little to be desired.

Guinness Premiership winners

Having watched Guinness Club Together winners, Hackney RFC, play their exhibition match before the main event, the standard of play in the final was not discernibly different.

Blighted by basic errors, the match stopped and started and never really got going. Peter Hewat’s dropped goal after 30 seconds suggested we could be in for a thriller, but the next 39 and a half minutes only brought three more points.

Jordan Crane scored the only try of the game to give Tigers the edge in the second half, and although the margin was so tight, you felt that the more experienced side were always going to prevail.

Nobody really stood out in terms of quality, but I couldn’t help but notice Tom Croft with number 4 on his back frequently loitering on the wing. He didn’t get much ball because it was kept much tighter, which meant he wasn’t often involved in the game – unusual for a second row to feature so rarely in a close-quarters battle.

If I were Ian McGeechan, I just might be having doubts about naming him as Alan Quinlan’s replacement. What do people think? Am I worrying about Croft unnecessarily?

4 thoughts on “Leicester lift Guinness Premiership trophy

  1. regret had to make do with the itv highlghts yesterday, but you can’t polish a poo, and the game didn’t look great even in condensed form. i don’t think one bad game is cause for worry about croft…

    totally p1ssed off at the random late kick-off times, both the guinness and heineken cup finals now clashing with end-of-season rugby events i am attending. i realise some parts of the schedule have to fit in with the broadcaster’s needs but finals should be at 3pm. the only thing a 3pm heineken cup final would clash with is gillingham v shrewsbury in the play-offs – ridiculous!

    turning to the lions tour, the goalpost seem to be shifting. we will now be using the new rules ie mauling will be allowed, and apparently shanklin is not being replaced…

  2. Leicester made my day at the weekend and just about deserved the win. They have played some incredible rugby this season and I have been fortuante enough to see some of it as a season ticket holder. So proud of the boys and hoping they can up their game against Leinsster and come home with the Heineken Cup this weekend.


  3. does anyone know why the match was shifted to 5:30pm?
    it totally ruined my drunk-o-meter that had been carefully calibrated over years of Twickenham finals at 3pm.

  4. I watched the game again this morning and really noticed Croft hanging around out wide when Leicester had the ball! This has to be a tactic though, not something I’ve noticed him do before. It’s one thing to stay out of the ruck to be ready to take the ball on a few yards. But this looked like he was told to stand on the wing. Maybe he’s thinking of following in Banahan’s footsteps (he appears to have the pace).

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