Lions photo gallery: Week 4 Down Under

A look at what the players have been getting up to as they head to Melbourne for the second test, using pictures tweeted by the squad themselves. Disclaimer: captions don’t necessarily reflect the players’ thoughts…

[tabs slidertype=”simple” auto=”yes” fx=”slide” autospeed=”4000″] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Zebo lets one rip right at the wrong moment[/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Farmers’ corner in the Lions changing room[/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] The big and the small of the Hair Bear Bunch[/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Richie Gray gets bored of waiting for his chauffeur, takes a nap[/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] In the baboon world, this is known as ‘presenting'[/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] The lab technicians are allowed out for a night[/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Cuthbert regrets third-wheeling on Halfpenny’s date[/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] The lads pleaded with Stevens to let them have just one cake[/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] The barber struggles to fins clippers strong enough to penetrate Jones’ beard[/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Yes, Dan Lydiate actually reads this[/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Faletau ruins the Scottish boys’ romantic horse and carriage ride[/tab] [/tabs]

10 thoughts on “Lions photo gallery: Week 4 Down Under

  1. Sigh, Brad Barrit is a Lion. Can you stop reminding me of this? It takes all of the magic away.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, he’s over taken Luke Fitzgerald as the worst selection I can remember.

    2. Can’t claim to be a member of the Barritt fan club, however he’s come in as a dirt tracker and got out there and given it 100%. On Tues he tackled like it was a test match, so I don’t think he’s been a disgrace to the shirt at all.

  2. Totally agree with you Matt, Barritt always gives everything on the field so I find it offensive when I read the rubbish written by those who obviously have no concept of that level of commitment. Remember that he didn’t gatecrash the party he was invited and was willing to accept what he almost certainly knew would be a poisoned chalise.

    1. If commitment was all that was required to get on a Lions tour then I’m quite sure we could all do it, his commitment i’m not questioning, his ability I am.

      1. For a guy to come in with no pretensions of making the test team and just do the job the squad needs is commendable. I’m sure he’s also the sort of character that will have been doing everything he possibly can to help the test guys as well. He’s by no means my favourite player but I don’t understand having a pop at him as the worst ever.

        The worst Lion this tour has been Mike Philips, to stop running 60m out when your opposite number has beaten you is a disgrace. I think this is the real reason he’s been dropped, Gatland hoping it will give him a kick up the arse for next week (if needed).

  3. Dear Bakkies4, Stultus est sicut stultus facit, I wonder if the moderator will let that through?

    1. I appreciate the Latin Roy, and Karl I’m not blaming Barritt himself for being called up, of course he would say yes, just think there were better players for selection, same as Fitzgerald 2009, just seems like a stupid selection to me.

  4. Cant blame barrit for being called up he wasnt the most skillful or creative player on tour but we all knew that before hand. He did give 120% doe aqnd played to his personal best cant ask nuch more than that to be fair to the lad.

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