Lions v South Africa predictions

It is coming to the time when I need to make my SuperBru predictions for the Second Test tomorrow, so I’m hoping for a bit of help from readers of The Rugby Blog.

I am always optimistic about big games like this, which doesn’t necessarily bode well for a predictions competition. However, I do feel that there are reasons to be hopeful about tomorrow’s game.

The odds are probably stacked against the tourists, and yes, South Africa hardly ever lose in Pretoria, but Ian McGeechan will have learned a lot from last week’s game of two halves, and I’m backing the master tactician to square the series.

So I’m probably going to pick the Lions to win, with a reasonable amount of patriotic influence, but by how many? 5?

What are your predictions for the game?

4 thoughts on “Lions v South Africa predictions

  1. i fear the boks will improve to a level sufficient to make them very hard to beat, and if i had to bet some of my cold, hard cash on the result – which i won’t be doing – i’d take the hosts by 6-10 after another plucky lions effort…

    fervently hoping i’m wrong!

  2. I’m thinking positive. Boks will improve slightly, but let’s face it, their dominance in the line out and scrum can’t get much better, and I think we will improve in both departments this week. The battle for the loose will be a tough one, and I hope we don’t delay deploying Williams if things don’t start well. In the backs we will be stronger with Fitzgerald and Kearney. Mentally, I hope we will be more focused on game plan and execution than emotional stories of 97 etc. And we will still have more in the tank than them in the last quarter.

    Lions by 3-5 points.

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