Lions videos: This is our Everest Boys / ’99’

The First Test of the Lions Tour to South Africa 2009 is nearly upon us. I am so excited that I’ve started suffering from involuntary spasms and keep bursting into fits of random song. I am not sure my fellow Tube passengers this morning enjoyed my rendition of Fields of Athenry any more than my boss appreciated being dump-tackled through a desk as I bellowed out Bread of Heaven at the top of my lungs. However, if you are not feeling as excited as me, I have just the antidote: 2 classic videos from South Africa Lions Tours of the past. Watch, enjoy, and try in vain to control yourself.

This is Our Everest Boys





4 thoughts on “Lions videos: This is our Everest Boys / ’99’

  1. As this generation grew up devouring the Living With Lions video, do you think the boys will be in the pre-match meeting telling Telfer ‘That’s not how it goes JT, you’re meant to say….’

  2. Has anyone else noticed that Telfer has misspelt ‘EVERY’? Incredible words from Telfer, good job he didn’t have to write them all down if this is anything to go by!

    Very excited indeed, and even more so having watched these videos…

  3. I can also agree to being the most excited I have been for a long time – at least since the Christmas I got a go-kart (circa 1985), and perhaps even longer! I can’t believe you haven’t posted the iconic ‘Power of Four’ Lions anthem too!!!?

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