11 thoughts on “Luther Burrell: “I’m far from the finished article”

  1. I prefer the old fashioned “I’m going to win and I don’t feel nerves because I am supremely confident” pre-match interviews. This is all a bit too touchy feely for me. He needs to get a grip, realise he is playing for his country in the oldest international tournament in the world and demand to be seen as the best. Or get out of the way and let someone else in.

        1. Really?
          “get a grip, …or get out of the way and let someone else in.”
          Is there no room for anything but bravado. I would prefer such self-reflection and realism to the self-grandeurising bravado that often masks incredible self doubt. These tend to be the ones who are most vulnerable.
          I am glad that Jonny Wilkinson never took heed of such advice.

        2. I had no idea the Guscott, Healey, Dawson and Dallaglio were some of the England players you admire the most!

            1. Brighty, I have recently come back from a conference in the US where I was told the story of Tom Brady, a star Quarterback who has won 3 SuperBowls, and is considered one of the greatest QB’s to play the game.

              He is racked with self-doubt, and infamously is sick before every game. He does not, and never has, felt that he is as good as those around him.

              But is still one of the sports greatest – in a very competitive position, in a very competitive sport.

              Bravado, arrogance, supreme confidence works for some but not others. As long as it is genuine, it has no bearing at all on ability or the ability to perform.

              1. Not massively relevant as I agree with your point but for me Brady comes across as very self confident (incredibly arrogant) on and off the field!

    1. I thought this has honest and refreshing. Rugby players are individual humans, and everybody works in different ways.

    2. Brighty, you seriously need to reread all of the comments that you have been making about English arrogance. Burrell is no way the best centre in England let alone the 6N. Yes he’s got potential, but at this stage that is all. I’m not going to damn someone for being honest. Apparently Gatland has told the Welsh team to strut their stuff as they are 6N champions. Good luck with that humility!

  2. The “I’m the best in the whole damn world” schpiel is fine when you actually are, but if you say it and then lose you look like a moron. Much prefer honesty, realism, and the flat cap of modesty under Lancaster. I’m not sold on Burrell, but very keen to see him succeed. Roll on tomorrow

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