Mealamu banned for this headbutt on Moody

Keven Mealamu

Keven Mealamu has been banned for four weeks for headbutting Lewis Moody during New Zealand’s win over England on Saturday, ruling him out of the rest of the All Blacks’ season.

Here is the clip showing the incident in full.


The press release confirmed the following details:

The Judicial Officer, Professor Lorne D Crerar, determined a mid range entry point in the IRB list of sanctions, namely 8 weeks, but in the absence of aggravating factors together with compelling mitigating factors including the player’s conduct at the hearing and his exemplary disciplinary record, reduced the suspension to four weeks. The player is accordingly suspended up to and including Saturday the 4th of December 2010. The Player has the right of appeal.

By comparison, here’s the clip of Hartley’s forearm on Richie McCaw for which he wasn’t cited.


10 thoughts on “Mealamu banned for this headbutt on Moody

  1. Agreed Tommy just wait for the Kiwi backlash about consistency and Hartley! If they’re going to do that we’ll take a yellow card and pentaly try for the shoulder barge please!

  2. I’ve just watched the Hartley incident again, and it’s not nearly as bad. It’s an arm for a start, whereas Mealamu’s was a diving headbutt. If Hartley had been cited, I’d suggest he’d probably get away lightly anyway.

  3. How can they claim an exemplary disciplinary record? I must be the only one who still remebers his part in the spear tackle on Brian O’Driscoll during the Lions tour

  4. I am with Denise – he was never punished for a life threatening, cynical spear tackle on O’Driscoll. Premeditated to eliminate a key player. This is almost as pathetic as the Shalke B gouging cop out.

  5. Hilarious stuff. Reminiscent of the ridiculous “Justice for Bakkies” armbands. How can they allow themselves to get so rattled by something like this? Temperament has certainly been the downfall of the AB’s in recent years, and I wish we were playing them this weekend.


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