My selection to face New Zealand

Here’s the team I would like to see lining up against the All Blacks and staring down the Haka.

1. Sheridan (if fit)
2. Hartley (we need a big hooker, not another centre/wing where Mears always pops up)
3. Stevens (if only he could play like he does for Bath)
4. Shaw(Borthwick must have played his last game)
5. Kay (preferred to Palmer if they won’t bring Kennedy back)
6. Haskell (best player against the Boks)
7. Rees (best 7 we have)
8. Crane (could offer much more than Easter)
9. Ellis (to reunite the Leicester halfbacks)
10. Flood (never thought I’d say it)
11. Lewsey (Sackey has not impressed this autumn)
12. Flutey (if he’s fit)
13. Armitage (one bright spark for England, let’s try him at 13)
14. Monye (could be his last chance as well)
15. Tait (is he fit?)

This completely goes against what I’ve said previously about ensuring continuity of selection, but there comes a point when you have to do something with a team that is performing such a long way from their best.

We’ll find out at lunchtime today how far Johnno will go.

3 thoughts on “My selection to face New Zealand

  1. I think this is a better side than the one that’s just been named. I think Tait’s injured isn’t he? He did his hamstring in the Sale v Worcester game the other week – I don’t think he’s back yet is he? But yes, England have been crying out for Lewsey for a long time now, I don’t know what’s going on.

    Anyway, as for the team that’s just been named – right move to drop Cipriani for now, but if he’s paid for his bad performance then Mears, Borthwick, Noon you are very lucky men. Tom Rees, you are a desperately unlucky man – with all that was bad last week, what the hell did he do to get dropped? He was one of few that looked like they belonged in last week’s game.

    Surprised and pleased to see Kennedy back and hope that Mears can throw to him better this time out. I had assumed when I saw about Kay’s call-up in to the squad that he’d go straight in to the XV and I’m surprised to see him not even in the matchday 22.

    Whatever happens Saturday, at least it’ll all be over until February!

  2. I agree, this is a much better side. Would love to see Sackey out and Lewsey or Cueto in. Still believe in Tait too. Flood could be so good if he could get truly fired up and show aggression. Maybe he should spend more time with Hartley.

    Most important, I hope we do what the Welsh did and front up the AB’s when they do their little war dance. In light of Henry and co’s bull**** warnings about this, it will be interesting to see whether Johnno has the balls to call their bluff. I very much doubt it now he’s an RFU man, but there must be a part of him that wants to show them he means business.

  3. This would be my selection to face new zealand:

    1. Woodman
    2. Thompson
    3. Vickery
    4. Johnson
    5. Kay
    6. Hill
    7. Back
    8. Dallaglio
    9. Dawson
    10. Wilkinson
    11. Cohen
    12. Greenwood
    13. Tindall
    14. Robinson
    15. Lewsey

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