New deals for club and country

It seems the club versus country row could be at an end after the RFU announced a new agreement.

The key feature seems to be the release of players from clubs to prepare for internationals, and the compensation that the clubs will receive.

Several comments on a previous post suggested that this could herald a period of strength for English rugby as it finally overcomes the political wrangling that has held it back for so long.

Rather than regurgitate the full details, I’ve provided links to a few of the best articles.

Andrew hails new agreement

England bank on £110m deal

One thought on “New deals for club and country

  1. I have to laugh at how it’s taken them 12 years to agree a deal, yet when they do it’s an 8-year deal, but overall I have to say, this is brilliant news.

    Jeff Probyn has criticised it, saying that it rewards only the Premiership clubs, not the grass roots clubs. I see his point, but if the clubs help us win the world cup again, the financial rewards will reach the smaller clubs.

    Looks a great deal on paper, and looking at the penalties that can be imposed on the clubs for any breaches, all parties mean business, so it should be more than just a bit of paper.

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