POLL: How many Northern Hemisphere teams will win this weekend?

How many wins do you think the Northern Hemisphere sides will muster this weekend? Here are the fixtures:

Italy v Fiji
England v New Zealand
Wales v Argentina
France v Tonga
Ireland v Australia
Scotland v South Africa

How many NH sides will win this weekend?

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6 thoughts on “POLL: How many Northern Hemisphere teams will win this weekend?

  1. 2~3
    I’m shaky on Wales after fumbling at this exact hurdle before. I expect Ireland to beat Australia (convinced the Aussies are in for a long night in Dublin). I also expect France to win. Kiwis have a bit too much for what will be a valiant effort from Lancaster’s lieges. Saffas will put Scotland to the sword but I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Wales, France and I have faith in the Italians. That’s it for me. Think the Aussies will have the Irish’s number. But it will be close.

  3. Wales, France, Italy and Ireland for me. Of course I would love it to be 5 with England repeating. Is there a mystery sickness going around the AB camp??????

  4. I’ve gone for 2 namely France and Wales.

    Italy v Fiji could go either way as could England v New Zealand but in having no Yarde or Wade, a suspect midfield, Farrell being a bit M’eh (techincal term) and the roll the kiwis are on I cannot see us winning it.

    ireland v Australia could be a tight game but I expect South Africa to win by at least 10 against Scotland.

  5. I’ve gone for Italy, Wales and France. Could see 2 of those losing and also 1 other NH side winning as well so not totally sure.

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