POLL: Pick your England team to take on Argentina

With the squad announced and looking a little thin on the ground in a few areas (picking your fly-half certainly won’t take too long), who would you pick in your starting XV for England first test against Argentina?

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26 thoughts on “POLL: Pick your England team to take on Argentina

  1. Fly-half selection is a toughie! Very excited to see Burns get a few games at 10 though, hopefully with Twelvetrees at 12 and plenty of gas on the wings.

  2. Do you think he will play 12T at 10 if Burns gets injured, or will he call in some cover? If so who? He obviously didn’t want to take Flood for some reason, so who would he fly out? Steenson, Botica…………….Andy Goode!!! Hahahahahaha LMFAO!!!

    1. Goode is the 10 cover, and Eastmond has played there for Bath – albeit for 20 minutes against Bucharest Wolves!

        1. I actually think a lot of Andy Goode’s criticism is unfair, to be honest. He looks funny, sure, but he’s got a decent boot on him, and can get a back line moving – always looking for a grubber or chip over the top. He was integral to Wuss’ promotion a few seasons back.

  3. Be good if we can find some wingers and then we won’t play our FB’s there.

    SL has said Goode is back up FH I think. He might be better there than FB.

  4. Not gonna lie, I picked Eastmond and JJ in the centres. Interesting to see that Goode has the least votes of the fullbacks going. His defence has been shown up a couple of times of late. Being ran over by stu Hogg in the six nations and more recently Christian wade I’m the prem. what does he do against big guys?
    Would love to see wade and may on opposite wings and a linking breakdown seven like kvesic. If this team blows the pumas away does anyone think Lancaster will revert back to his tried and tested combinations from the last two years? I don’t think we’re in a strong position team wise. We’ve been shown up that we still can’t score tries and that if a pack gets the upper hand of ours we get totally destroyed in most aspects of our game plan.

    1. Agree with some aspects of what you are saying. I do not think England are as bad of as people suggest.

      “We’ve been shown up that we still can’t score tries and that if a pack gets the upper hand of ours we get totally destroyed in most aspects of our game plan.”

      I agree that we do not score enough tries and that must be worked on. But in regards to our game plan if our pack doesn’t get the upper hand; does any team in world rugby win a game is their pack is getting dominated? It just doesn’t happen.

        1. I don’t agree Austalia if you mean getting dominated. They historically had a bad scrum (which is better now but not great), but Australia are fantastic at the break down and no mugs in the line out.

          1. I do mean Aus getting dominated.

            Over the past few years their pack has not been half as good as the Saffers or Kiwis and yet they still manage to scrape wins.

            The Saffers in particular regularly smash them up front and yet somehow Aus get the win

  5. Not too sure I understand the Billy ’32’ hype. I would start Eastmond and Tomkins. Lack of votes for Strettle? Mike Brown to start at Full Back.

    1. I think the Twelvetrees hype comes from the fact that England fans haven’t seen a player who can pass, kick and distribute effectively since Greenwood. And the fact the he is also a huge (100kg certainly is not small) carrying 12 is all in the same body makes for a player with real potential.

    2. More down to him playing brilliantly against Scotland, so it’s not hype if we’ve seen he can do it, we just want to see more of it!

  6. The poll really does show up the lack of options in the squad for 9, 10 & 12. ie the decision makers. Only 4 players covering the 3 positions who play there week in week out.

    I you are a puma flanker you would be looking to croc one of them. G.O.

    1. I think Lancaster sees Twelvetrees as a 12, and that’s where we (Bath) play Eastmond. Some teams like their playmaker at 12, some at 13.

  7. Looking forward to Burns and 12trees working together – I wonder how much working together week in week out at Glos will shine through in their on field chemistry?

  8. The fact that none of the three full backs listed here are in the lions team shows the northern hemisphere is doing well for full backs at the moment. Halfpenny, Hogg, and Kearny and these three, in there good moments, are all world beaters in my opinion.

  9. Marland Yarde has shown his skill at London Irish this season. He needs to start!!!

  10. Im wondering whether he didn’t take Robshaw, Flood or Care because they would be on the short list for any potential Lions injury call up??

  11. Corbisiero was a miss in the 6N and his return from injury will strengthen our scrum. Goode’s natural position is 10 not 15, he is just trying to fit in at Saracens. I wish he would move on to Northampton who are crying out for a decent 10. A Burns-Twelvetrees-Joseph-May-Wade-Foden backline would be lightweight and compromises the defence but a very exciting attacking prospect. Henry Thomas has played well for Sale and is worth a look.

  12. Patrick S – not sure it’s that lightweight, 36 is a big unit, JJ & May aren’t lightweight & Foden proven plenty of times that he’s a tough nut!

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