POLL: Should fans be kept apart at the London Double Header?

UPDATE: Premiership Rugby have since released the following statement: “There is absolutely no segregation at the London Double Header on 1 September. Through Ticketmaster we have identified where club season ticket and friends and family allocations will be located allowing fans to make their seat choices according.

“We value the London Double Header, which brings together four teams and would encourage neutral fans to get behind a team for the day which makes for a great atmosphere within the stadium.”

Premiership Rugby have confirmed this afternoon that the London Double Header will be held on September 1st, except with a twist:

For the first time this season each club will be given a specific area of the ground for its supporters, so don’t delay buy your ticket today and show support for your team.

Now, part of the Double Header’s appeal for years has been the banter between supporters as fans have mingled amicably. Yet now they will be kept apart, meaning that for large parts of the afternoon huge areas of the stadium will be full of empty seats from fans not wanting to watch the “other match”.

Therefore, we want your opinion as to whether Premiership Rugby have got it right or wrong, by voting below:

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7 thoughts on “POLL: Should fans be kept apart at the London Double Header?

  1. A shocking decision by whoever has made it, makes a complete mockery of the ethos of the game!

  2. This is a joke, in all the years I have been going to watch Rugby I have never seen even the slightest bit of trouble in or outside the stadium, at Twickenham, we travel with other supporters by rail, we walk from station to stadium together and we sit together and the worst you will ever find is light harted banter from a hairy bloke in a dress!!

  3. I don’t agree with it either. The fact that rugby fans all sit together is something everyone talks positively about. Its a primary argument in rugby vs football debates.

    In response to Kevin I don’t think the split is to stop trouble, as you point out there never is any. I’m not sure exactly what it is for some sort of marketing ploy? Maybe create more concentrated support? But still it could be a slippery slope.

  4. Who made this insane decision? Part of the attraction of going to a rugby game is the friendly atmosphere and banter between fans. The whole spirit of rugby is about respect for others.

    This is not football

  5. One of the worst decisions i have ever heard. I recently went to the Chelsea Spurs semi final at Wembley and found myself in the tottenham end. Being a Chelsea fan this meant i wasn’t able to fully enjoy the match. All i could think of was how much more enjoyable an occaision at Twickenham, with fans intermingled and everyone enjoying the match rather the wanting to fight. This decision will surely just lead to increased tribalism amongst the teams and rather than create a carnival atmosphere that rugby events are famed for, there will likely be increased tension.

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