POLL: Should Gavin Henson have been sacked by Cardiff?

After the breaking news this lunchtime, we want you to tell us whether Henson should have been sacked by Cardiff Blues or not.

Henson’s problems with alcohol and allegedly unacceptable behaviour left Cardiff in no doubt that he should be dismissed. His all-night binge in Glasgow continued on the plane where he apparently began to disturb other passengers and became aggressive. He has now been sacked as well as banned from all FlyBe flights for 6 months, his second alcohol related incident within a year after he was suspended by Toulon for an altercation with teammates in a nightclub.

Yet the Blues have already had Tom James and Ceri Sweeney arrested this season, with both going unpunished by the club. What’s more, although Henson was dismissed, his teammate Casey Laulala has tweeted that the incident has been “blown out of proportion”. With whispers on Twitter that the club were unable to afford Henson in the first place and were looking to offload him, has this incident been an excuse?

Decide below.

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12 thoughts on “POLL: Should Gavin Henson have been sacked by Cardiff?

  1. Considering that they failed to sack Ceri Sweeny, Bradley Davies and Tom James for alcohol related trouble earlier in the season I have to say “No.”

    Smacks of the club getting rid of a player who Gareth Baber was reputed to have major problems with.

    Why did the management allow the players to go out on the beer in Glasgow anyway? They have a Heineken Cup quarter final coming up next weekend ffs.

    Poor management and coaching.

  2. They shouldn’t have hired him in the first place – this latest news is really no surprise. What a waste of talent, but my thin patience is wearing thinner.

  3. Yes he should be sacked. All rugby players should be sacked for any incident where they got banned from somewhere or involved with the police. This should include Danny Care and Delon Armitage. It should be known that if you want to keep your job you should stop breaking the law. Idiots.

  4. Blown out of all proportion. It should be Burnell and Baber dismissed and not Henson.
    Smacks of double standards as James and Sweeney were not disciplined the previous weekend for a far more serious incident.

  5. I understand the point that many players have done far worse and not been sacked. Employing him was a risk. I’m sure in offering the contract they must have made their expectations clear regarding boundaries and behavior given his track record and attention that comes with his “celebrity” status. I think they have made the correct decision.

  6. I saw Gavin play in Toulon. What a talent. He blew his chance there and he’s blown his chances everywhere else. He has problems and he has to hit rock bottom before he can recover. Great talent lousy discipline. He undoubtably deserved to be fired. comparisons with other incidents and players are irrelevant. Henson has history, he has to be held to higher standards. Bloody shame, what a waste.

  7. The words sad and shame spring to mind here, for two reasons. Of course it is sad and a shame that someone so talented in his prime is no longer capable of performing at that level on the pitch (and has been for a while).

    If a player effectively ends his career through his own idiocy, then I am loathe to use the words sad and shame. Henson has had numerous chances (I for one could not believe that Cardiff were prepared to take a risk on him given his external interests and his previous ‘falling out’ with Toulon, but brand Henson brings many more things than on-field ability I guess.

    Two comparisons for you though, 1 thought provoking, 1 a statement of how Henson ‘should have been’:

    Jonny Wilkinson – consummate professional, career still going in spite of countless serious injuries (shame some of his ethic did not rub off on henson in their brief time together in Toulon)

    Danny Care – given his recent transgressions, he must be relieved he has such sympathetic employers as Harlequins….

  8. If i behaved in such a manner when representing my employers in public then my position and job would certainly be in jeapordy. Whilst representing your club you are in the limelight, Gavin of all people should realise this and should realise the consequences of his actions. A wasted talent, wish i had his opportunities hope he does not look back in later life and regret the talent he was gifted.

    1. exactly, Davies, Sweeney, James & Care were all behaving questionabley but they were not on paid club time on a club transport with all the senior management present. just daft!

    2. Spot on.

      Also, as to Cardiff using this as an excuse to offload him, what’s wrong with that? He’s a professional and would have left Cardiff for a better deal if it had suited him. He shouldn’t have given them the excuse. Similar thing happened with Lote Tuqiri in Oz.

  9. Hopefully this is the last of this sort of nonsense we will hear about from Henson, his behaviour is a distraction from the excellent young talent in Wales. The regions do not have the cash to spend on such expensive, under performing, pissed up, has beens.

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