Poll: Which is the best Premiership ground?

In this week’s poll on The Rugby Blog, we’re interested in your thoughts on the best ground in the Aviva Premiership.

We’d ask that you give it some thought, so don’t just vote for your favourite team – everyone knows we are completely unbiased here at The Rugby Blog, so this shouldn’t be a problem!

Make sure you take into account things like accessibility, beer prices and quality of the view, as well as the atmosphere. We’ll follow this up with an article next week, so if you have anything to add, please do so by leaving a comment below.

Which is the best ground in the Aviva Premiership?

  • The Rec (Bath) (14%, 154 Votes)
  • Sandy Park (Exeter Chiefs) (3%, 30 Votes)
  • Kingsholm (Gloucester) (34%, 377 Votes)
  • The Stoop (Harlequins) (17%, 181 Votes)
  • Headingley Carnegie (Leeds) (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Welford Road (Leicester Tigers) (3%, 32 Votes)
  • Madejski Stadium (London Irish) (9%, 97 Votes)
  • Adams Park (London Wasps) (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Kingston Park (Newcastle Falcons) (1%, 14 Votes)
  • Franklins Gardens (Northampton Saints) (19%, 208 Votes)
  • Edgeley Park (Sale Sharks) (2%, 22 Votes)
  • Vicarage Road (Saracens) (0%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,131

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23 thoughts on “Poll: Which is the best Premiership ground?

  1. Hmmm, interesting maths there, you are right. Will investigate and see if I can stop the Quins fans rigging it at the same time! There’s no silverware for this you know.

  2. As a Saries fan I’m not surprised that VR has no votes. It’s a dreadful ground – the sooner we move the better. Don’t understand why the Stoop has so many votes – there’s a broad tarmac road in front of one of the stands in front of the pitch. I’ve asked a number of Quins fans and they don’t know why – it’s not an obvious design feature and does nothing to add to the viewing experience. My vote is for Northampton – beautiful little stadium with atmosphere – the best pork rolls and crackling are there a well.

  3. The reason The Stoop is ahead is that this is mentioned on the Quins rugbynetwork site Once the fans of other clubs pick up on it and do the same it should even itself out a bit.

  4. I’ve not yet been to Sandy Park, but from what I’ve heard it’s a cracking venue. And if the Home team keep winning, the atmosphere will be even better.

    Agree that Vicarage Road is dreadful, and frankly deserves a score of -1.

  5. Will definitely support a vote for Franklin’s Gardens. Had the pork roll there last Friday and it was absolutely superb. I’ll go and watch Saints play anyone just to have another one of those. It’s a nice ground too, really easy to get to and park near – it gets my vote with the Madejski close behind, especially around Paddys Day!

  6. I would vote for the Stoop because the prices are good, and it is easily accessible. However, seeing as it’s got a huge boost already I’m going with the Madjeski (I admit the three matches I’ve seen there have all been brilliant which has probably influenced this).

  7. I would love to see Sandy Park.
    ive only been to Stoop, Madjeski and The rec.

    Rec wins hands down. how can you beat centre of town, river side pubs next to the ground and bath scenery?

    i have only seen the above, but those who have seen more, pls tell me what im missing?(im a london irish fan)

  8. I do like the Madejski, but it’s slightly too big for the time being. If they can start filling it over the next 10 years or so, it will be up there with the best.

    Reports suggest that attendances are falling though, but I think that’s just a temporary blip with the increased TV coverage this season.

  9. OK so I’m biased (London Irish): but the Madstad has pretty much the most comfortable seating and a good view from just about anywhere in the stadium.

    Looking forward to visiting Sandy Park next month – nowt but really positive reports.

    I agree with jimmymc about the location of the Rec – but the stadium itself is pretty poor.

    Not all would agree I know – but personally, I also like Castle Grim, The Stoop and Franklins Gdns.

    Hope Sarries do move EC1 – I for one am not looking forward to another cold winter’s day there this season..

  10. Very surprised at The Stoop, but I have to say that being a sad traditionalist I am at least glad to see the top 2 both being proper rugby grounds rather than shared football grounds. The fact that the top 2 are the wrong way round must be due to another technical error.

    Always going to be Kingsholm for me, especially if you factor in the all-important matter of the quality of the pubs surrounding the ground.

  11. I would add that one of the best places to watch rugby in the UK is in fact my basement,which has a bar (!), projector and big screen, heinken on tap. no queue for the loos/drinks and pizza on supply, with your best mates sitting around you.

    sadly impending fatherhood may / will change that!

  12. Who voted for Edgeley Park? That is the worst ground of the lot – and that’s saying something given that Adams Park and Vicarage Road are in the list!

    Exeter – new and fresh; Welford Road – lacks atmosphere for such a big crowd; Bath – great location; the Stoop – good view; Leeds – friendly, but Kingsholm, especially under the lights in a big game, just can’t be beat!

  13. As a Glos supporter I will always love the Shed, but my vote goes to Franklins Gardens with its unobstructed views, no colums, in the seats and good views from the terraces. All grounds should have a terrace for people who don’t enjoy a game sat down.

  14. As a Bath fan I have to agree with some posters that the Rec is not a particularly nice ground. You cannot beat Kingsholm on a crisp winters day to warm the cockles.

  15. As a Gloucester Fan my second choice would be franklin’s gardens.

    My main question is, Did someone actually vote for Edgeley Park….

    It pains me to say it, but a club with a history like bath deserve a decent grant and as soon as they can get away from that swamp that they borrow of the local round table the better…

    P.S Ground Shares with poofball, should not be allowed….

  16. “raedarius
    Posted September 22, 2010 at 6:28 PM
    What’s stranger is that Vicarage Road has 2% with no votes and Adams Park has 1% with one vote.”

    There is a God after all……!

  17. think “the Rec ” is a lovely place to watch rugby , but lacks ability for facilities to be improved at the moment ,
    as for a lovely stadium , am surprised Kingston pk has got so few votes
    stadium 7/10 ( too small) although i do realise they don’t need bigger at the mo
    access 6/10 slight down is where it is
    access to food and beer 10/10
    banter 10/10
    freindly locals 10/10

  18. I’m massively surprised that Welford Road doesn’t feature in the reckoning. It’s got a capcity of 24,000, making it the largest rugby only venue outside of HQ. Greenwood raved about the electric atmosphere the day the tigers tore apart South Africa there. The Club’s band are quite something and the pie prices are bang on. Experiencing the Terrace’s roar as Castro bulldozes some Bath players has to be heard to be believed. Great place.

  19. As a Saries fan I really loved going to Franklins Gardens last year (well we did win twice) and would echo the other negative comments about Vicarage Road. I haven’t been this year and waiting for a Wembly trip. VR is frankly a dump!

  20. I am a season ticket holder at Welford Rd, and I love it, but it takes a big game with everything to play for to bring the Leicester crowd out of themselves. Agree with LOTA, for a HUGE crowd, it lacks atmosphere. BUt the band that play after the game are amazing, more atmosphere in that bar than anywhere! Glad Kingsholm won!

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