Post Match Reaction: Australia 20 Wales 19

It was a case of déjà vu for Wales as they narrowly lost out once more in Australia, Ryan Jones and Rob Horne touching down in the second half before Berrick Barnes decided the result with the boot. It means that Australia win the series 3-0.

What did you make of the game?

25 thoughts on “Post Match Reaction: Australia 20 Wales 19

  1. Disappointing. However it looks like this might be the best result against the tri nations today.

  2. Small margins:

    Test 2: Kick the ball away, pay the penalty
    Test 3: Silly penalty from a line-out, pay the penalty (Halfpenny hit the post with a penalty too)

    A little more experience and composure in key positions, and Wales take the series 2-1.

    If, if, if though

    1. It is small margins. But this was supposed to be the tour that Wales made that small step to being considered a top rate team. SA and France in the world cup, Aus at home and now all three of these tests have been ifs/chokes by this Welsh side. The good thing is they are very young but this is a major dent in where this side should have moved to by now.

      1. It’s not a major dent. We have moved on from where we were even 18 months ago. These tests were contests, right to the wire, but we are not yet good enough to win them. We either get better and win them or we fade away to nothing. As you say, with youth on our side I am leaning towards the former happening. So a massively disappointing series because we didn’t win, but I would not call it a massive dent in our development. When we start losing trophies it’ll be time to acknowledge we are dented beyond repair, but we are not there yet.

  3. Bored of losing narrow games now. Need to kick on. We are so close. We are easily the best NH team, Ireland showed today how bad it can get when you’re nowhere near these SH teams, but the ga pbetween SH and NH is massive.

    Someone on this blog last week said they thought Ireland had performed the best out of the NH teams, something that stuck in my side a little as it seemed an odd thing to mention when all teams lost but to redress the balance – Ireland did what they always do, one match of fury and grace without a win, then a damp squib for the others. I am pleased that Wales maintained a consistent level of high performance but it wasn’t high enough. Tiny margins. Single digit losses. Too painful to keep watching these happen. However, watching those players troop off you can’t help but be continually struck by how young most of them are so there has to be hope that we can improve.

    1. Easily the best in he NH? No, not easily.

      Don’t fall into the arrogance trap. NZ are easily the best in the world. Wales are slightly ahead of England and Ireland currently.

      Australia are, for me, the weakest of the SH sides. 5 defeats in less than a year against them now. If, as is widely touted, the Lions are heavily-Welsh based, there may well be a little stigma come next Summer.

      1. Well they are the best in that they are reigning 6n champs but make no mistake this is a massive set back. Is the loss of Gatland a factor and if so how does that bode for next 6n? Both Ireland and Wales took experienced sides and had to do better. England are inexperienced both as a team and coaching set up but managed to get something from this tour. With Robshaw, Croft, Lawes to come back and players likeJonnie May, Ford and maybe 12trees to add to the mix there us genuine optimism going into the AIs. Need an experienced attack coach and Farrell senior for defence tho.

        1. Arrogance is dismissing the opposition (like England/France demanding that their match be set as the final of the 6N every year because it is the one that matters; or Ireland dismissing the Celtic league because “they do not need it” as they are the best Celtic side, or England club sides taking their ball away from the HC because they do not win it often enough), not believing you are the best team, especially when that is backed up with results that include beating those other teams at their own stadiums.

          For me SA are the weakest of the SH teams and have been for some time – limited power/kick chase gameplan, bottom of the last tri-nations, some of the worst teams in the super 15 historically. If England had a creative midfield they could have done a lot better in SA.

          This conversation though is obviously not going to change any of our minds as we all appear to be going with our own prejudices. Where others see a weak and clueless midfield Benjit sees room for potential. Where others see mediocre players that wouldn’t get into the other home nation teams Benjit sees great opportunities in players like Robshaw and 12trees. England get cut a lot of slack by their fans due to their perceived inexperience; the belief is that England’s poor creativity is linked to their low number of caps. I, and this is an opinion so you can’t tell me I am wrong, think England are motoring on top form because for almost a decade this has been pretty much as good as England get. Since Greenwood et al left England have never been recognised as a great footballing team, but now without the forwards to dominate (because other teams have caught them up, because a game based purely on power will always suffer as other teams get their fitness sorted) they do not have the backs to win matches where they have forward parity, not dominance. I’d like to know when the magic number of caps kicks in so we can stop referring to them as inexperienced. 20 per player, 40? 100? If you’re good enough then you’re good enough.

          I don’t see this as a massive setback for Wales as it will not lower us from where we are right now. We will still win next years 6N, we will beat Aus in the autumn internationals and have pushed the other matches into anything other than foregone conclusions. We have moved on in the last 18 months and will continue to do so and improve.

          1. “Arrogance is dismissing the opposition”

            “We will still win the 6 Nations”

            The upcoming Rugby Championship will tell who the weakest Nation in the SH is I guess. Until that moment, I rest by my opinion that Wales are slightly better than England and Ireland at the moment.

            To address your other points, I nearly choked on my breakfast when I read the name Twelvetrees being thrown out as a potential star. The whole argument was weakened for me at that point. England’s problem currently is not having a consistent pairing at halfback. Yes, the pack doesn’t dominate as much as it did a decade ago, but it still does a more than reasonable job if you ask me.

            You’re right when you say that at some point experience, or lack of it, stops being a valid excuse. However Marler, Parling, Robshaw, Johnson, Waldrom, Farrell, Joseph and Goode all had single figure Test experience and started the 3rd Test for England, so I think giving them a little room for improvement is fair enough.

            Anyway, this is supposed to be about Wales. As I first said, small margins cost them (you) the series. Time will tell if this is a fatal flaw in big games or just another part of the learning curve.

            Roll on autumn.

          2. Wow and you accuse England fans as having their heads in the sand! Look I’m sure an Welsh and Irish dominated Lions will right the wrongs of this tour.

            Not sure where the arrogance rant came from but I think I raise a valid point over the loss of Gatland. During the 6n Wales showed they had overcome their weakness in failing to close out close games but something was lacking here.

        2. A major set back? I dont think so. Because we won the 6N does that automatically make us better than Australia? A major set back would have been to loose each test by a margin of 20 points plus.

          Could easily have been 2-1 to Wales, but it’s all about the top two inches Wales not quite there but going in the right direction. When was the last time Wales were really competitve in the SH? so is this not progress? Rome wasn’t built in a day.

          Positives and disappointments to be taken in equal measure for the Welsh and English boys, Ireland need to find some consitency, Scotland need to push on with some self belief after getting a few wins under their belts.

  4. I am a New Zealander so my night is alright but I felt upset enough by this result to stop watching rugby after 50 years. Wales should have won. What kind of game has a team penalised for obstructing (nobody as it happens) from a lineout by forming a drive when the opposition evaporate. Even the Australian commentators could only mutter ashamedly (and it takes something to do that) that it was a “technical” penalty. From control of the game the Welsh conceded territory then the lead and the game. Come to think of it the last game hinged on a “technical” scrum penalty and a similar outcome. My wife won’t watch rugby saying the ref’s discretion decides the outcome. So rugby league where more often the better team wins. I hate it because its true.

    1. That for me was a game changing moment, and imo cost us the game. We did make mistakes but having watched the game twice now, i fear that again lots of dubious desicions. Surely this is another time that the ref should have consulted and yet again has not.

    2. Have to agree! I resisted making any comments about the referees as it just seems like sour grapes and finding someone to blame. England have suffered similarly in their matches at times. What S/H teams do very well is play until the final whistle, and Australia did this, but they had some ‘fortunate’ decisions that kept them in it. Wales kicked to much possession away, but how much of that was because they kept getting pinged at the break down. N/H teams still prize scrapping on the floor – sorry, the ruck – over using the break down to change the point of attack/tie players in/etc and play with the ball in hand. S/H teams generally keep the attacking phases flowing more and put more players behind the ball when going forward. I think N/H teams have a mental break down about how good the S/H teams are – even our own press belt it down our throats and we believe it. Interestingly, in Rugby League, England lose to Australia with regularity, but in the World Club challenge, the English clubs have won two-thirds of the clashes – what changes? At club level we don’t think the Aussies are better than us before we turn up!

      1. I think this reinforces the point about league and rules/referees. Australia are miles better at league than New Zealand and England. New Zealand similarly at rugby. But the results are only reflected in league where the Australians belt everyone as they should. In rugby the rules/referees make it a lottery. as for the the World Club Challenge that is just an aberration of when and where it is played

        1. I agree with the Rugby League rules/referee point – apart from the odd debate over a forward pass or whether the high tackle should have been carded, you generally aren’t troubled by the referees in League. I have long been of the opinion that Union needs an extra official on the pitch. Get a 2nd Ref on the pitch to cover the contact areas, with the main ref covering the general game. I disagree over the World Club challenge – the Aussies have been beaten convincingly enough in their own back yard – the key difference is the way the clubs/national side play. In the club challenge we play in an English style, while at national level we often try to play in an Aussie style which just doesn’t work for us

  5. A defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. Did think the men in gold benefitted from the ref (seemed to be about a 10 degree zone of tolerance on forward passes at times)

    It’s clearly not a progression from 6N, but I still think there is too much young talent in the Welsh squad for this to be another false dawn.

    Congrats to Aussies for consistency of performance and composure for closing out the close ones.

  6. If you take the series as a whole Australia probably deserved the win but I don’t think with northern hemisphere referees Australia would have got away with half as much at the breakdown it certainly seems as though we get penalised for not rolling away when they don’t and they constantly go off their feet I watched the game back and saw at least 5 examples where we got penalised and they didn’t. Having said that we need to be more clinical with line out and kickoff as this cost us. But great credit to the players they fought hard. Do think a warm up game would have got us up to speed quicker than straight into a first test.

  7. Frustrating , frustrating . frustrating about sums it up. Hit a post , bounce of the ball for Hook , truck and trailer inciden justt about sums Wales’ luck up on this tour. Very fine margins factor in different ref “interpretations ” down south and established players having problems with normally steady aspects of their games and the disappointment is tangible.

    Hopefully the first win against SH opposition will break the dam but its still solid at the mioment roll on the Autumn I would not begrudge the players their time on the beach after this the longest roller coaster of a season ever,

  8. Wales should be bitterly dissapointed, to loose sight of a goal wich without a doubt was achievable, i think Australia were ripe for the picking

  9. As shockingly awful as Ireland were against NZ, a balanced ref performance would have yielded the following:
    Aus 3 Wales 1
    NZ 2.5 Ireland 0.5
    SA 2.5 England 0.5 so it doesn’t make much odds. Still beaten comprehensively by those Southies again. The top 3 is still as it was.

    Fair play to England for sneaking a draw at least. Desperate times..

    I think an NH team will win the 2019 RWC but I’m not sure about them having any chance in 2015 going by those results.

    We’ll see how they do in the Autumn.

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