Post Match Reaction: Australia 27 Wales 19

A superb return to form saw the Wallabies bounce back from their defeat to Scotland on Tuesday with an 8 point lead over Wales in Brisbane. Will Genia put in a stellar performance, with tries from Scott Higginbotham, Genia and Pat McCabe proving the difference.

What did you make of today’s game?

27 thoughts on “Post Match Reaction: Australia 27 Wales 19

  1. Outclassed. outplayed and outmuscled. Australia were better from 1 – 15 and should have won by 20 points plus. Wales need a number 10, Priestland has proved he is no International after his 6 nations and game today. Wales were paper thin today and thier kicking, passing and skill levels were appalling, seemed to have no game plan and showed how poor we are in the NH – still a huge divide between the SH and NH. This was a poor Australia Team also, so look out

  2. Sloppy play by Wales. We had more missed tackles in this game than in the entire six nations. Poor performances by Priestland and Phillips, and the injuries of North and Williams didn’t help. Plenty to learn from next week.

  3. Did you see things differently, Barry?

    I tend to agree with the comments above. I think Wales underestimated the Aussies a little, and there didn’t seem to be the same urgency in defence as we saw in the Six Nations. A few costly errors going forwards, and they couldn’t get into the game until the 2nd half.

    I thought they’d go on to win once they had clawed their way back, but credit to Australia for keeping composure and killing them off.

    Not a great day for the northern hemisphere so far!

  4. I agree with most of the above particluarly the # 10 slot, but I think some of the problem lies with Rob Howley he doesnt stirike me as a coach who would inspire confidence and composure. We need Warren back asap

  5. wales definitely got caught out here. Australia more clinical and deserved a win by more than the score. need some changes for 2nd test.

  6. Expected this tbh. The whole wales squad have been talking about beating the Aussies for so long before this tour they probably thought they were going to win easily against a weakened aus side. Such a shambles from a team that were so good to watch post WC.

  7. Thank god Australia have anchored Wales back down to earth. The Welsh are possibly the most over hyped team in the history of Rugby.

    They won the same amount of games at the RWC as England= hype still grows

    They came fourth after Australia in the playoffs= hype still grows (plus whole of Wales acting like they WON the RWC)

    6Ns They should have lost to Ireland in the last minutes, and would have bar a silly (non) penalty = hype still grows

    3 all to Scotland at half time in 6Ns (get off the hook again! with Scottish sin binnings)

    Beat England fair enough (and I’m English, but c’mon England fell apart!) = hype still grows

    Reapeatedly frustrated by Italy, THE HYPE STILL GROWS?!?!

    Outclassed France (I’ll give them that, but France were poor the whole Tournament)

    Play a real world beating side in Australia, and loose convincingly, please tell me this is the end of all that hype?

    1. Liam, i am very disappointed with the Welsh performance and we struggle mentally when we play S.H Teams and struggle with the intensity, especially today in the first quarter,with Australia seem to be able to turn the screw at will, but Wales are 6 nations champions and deserve to be and will be the team to beat for the next couple of years. And with English sporting hype with rugby, football and cricket then, really, i don’t think your comments are valid. We need a strong 6 nations tournament for us to compete on the world stage.

      1. Liam, you are a bitter and twisted little soul aren’t you? Please give me a list of all of these articles hyping Wales as the best team in the world. I’d love to read them.

        Any hype you have imagined is totally separate to the team. They came 4th in the world cup. They won the Grand Slam and are the European champions. You can talk as much rubbish as you want about shouldn’t have wons, lucky to wins, etc. but we beat everyone including your England team so I’m happy that we are better than everyone else in Europe. So let’s please move on from all this imagined hype rubbish.

        So moving on … Second best by miles today but still amazingly got close enough to win. Priestland is in poor form and is suffering composure issues that he needs to sort out. Too many of the boys looked rusty, the core of the team hadnt played any rugby for a couple of months so I think selection was wrong. Also think we should have started with Beck. Too many fluffed chances and mistakes. The only thing to take from this is that we know we can play better than that so should be able to step it up for the next game but so should the Aussies.

      2. woah leave cricket out of this :) its the england and wales cricket team, players from both countries are equally eligible. :)

  8. Really surprised at the lack of ferocity and intensity from the Welsh, where was the defensive line speed from 6N? Sitting in the Sky sports studios in the large form of Roberts perhaps? Still think the Welsh have a good chance of getting at least 1 win out the remaining tests if they can rediscover their intensity.

    All credit to the Aussie contingent that have played 3 games in a week, Genia = awesome.

  9. Liam – Wales won 6N, England didn’t so live with it. While we didn’t play to our potential, and theres no excuses for that, nor did England, in fact the score line was flattering for England. And of course Ireland were crushed by NZ.
    As much as we’d like to think we’re competitive the reality is there’s still a gap between us and the SH teams. To that end we should be fostering home talent in the H-Cup, not relying on SH fringe or retiring players to take key positions in a competition thats meant to be fostering local talent. It may take a while but eventually we’ll get there and the proof of that is in the U20 squads who are doing really well.

  10. ignoring all other factors, kicks were too long with a bad chase, which strangely hurt england, ireland and wales. but this was the most serious part of wales’s problems, you cannot give the ball to southern hemisphere teams with time on their hands.

    1. Completely agree, kicking was all over the shop. One of those matches where you start screaming “don’t kick it!!!” as soon as the fly half gets the ball because you know he will and you know it will be straight to their back three again … disappointing.

      Must admit though I am generally bemused at the perception that England were the best performing NH side of the weekend – I must have watched a different game. Wales put moves together, scored tries, were outclassed by better back play including the amazing Genia.

      England tackled/defended like dogs for 50 mins, created nothing. Then, as is always the case when you’ve tackled yourself sick against a better team, the better team score a few tries and the game is done. Odd how they’re being so feted for keeping SA out for 50 mins…

  11. Personally I was suprised that most pundits and the NH press made Wales favourites for this game.

    Worst thing that could have happened for Wales was that loss to Scotland (not that I begrudge Scotland their success), how many times do the Australians lose two games in a row at home ?

    Wales were seriously undercooked with only the Ospreys players getting any kind of game time in the last month or so and there was only one Ospreys starter in the pack -Adam Jones .The suggestion was that the Aussies would be overplayed and weary in fact they were battle-hardened and were able to bully the first half as a result.

    The Barbarian game was a serious mistake Wales should have played the Brumbies on that day as a proper warm up.

    The kicking game as said above was badly executed and Genia in particular made Phillips look like he had concrete boots on.

    The one plus was the spirit of the fightback and the fact we were one decent pass away from taking the lead. To have a chance at all next week we need to start like that and not give the Aussies any kind of start

    Debates as to which NH side played the best ie were the better losers are a waste of time and no doubt the SH would be laughing up their sleeves at this when all they look for at the end of a game is a big W .

    1. I’d rather a win than a performance, but given that we all lost this weekend I do enjoy discussing our relative merits, much as we do during the 6 nations. If one of us (NH teams) had won then I agree that the simple W would have trounced all “played the better game” arguments, but if we truly only cared about W or L then websites with reply forums like this wouldn’t exist, we’d just read the score and move on.

      Note, I said this weekend, so I’m not ignoring the Scotland triumph when saying we all lost this weekend.

  12. I`m with you Pontylad. Myself and most of my mates knew Wales would struggle to pick a solitary victory in the series and we`d like to think we know a thing about the game. What concerned me was the fact that the Ospreys were the form team in the Pro 12 the last 6 weeks but there was only one Osprey in the starting XV. Beck should`ve started as I`m not Scott Wiiliams biggest fan, squad player if I`m honest. Charteris hasn`t had enough game time and it showed. The fact is the Blues, Dragons and Scarlets players were really undercooked due to the lack of competetive fixtures.
    Our biggest problem was at half back, Phillips and Priestland were awful. Mike Phillips is so frustrating, he`s either amazing or awful there`s no inbetween with him. I`m concerned we will regret not taking Biggar as Hook isn`t the answer. I feel sorry for him slightly as he has gone backwards as a player in the last 18 months. Could this be due to the fact that he hasn`t been given a settled position?? If that`s the excuse it doesn`t seem to effect James O`connor or Beale. My side for next week is below.
    15 Halfpenny
    14 Cuthbert
    13 J Davies
    12 Beck
    11 North
    10 Priestland
    9 Webb
    8 R Jones
    7 Warburton
    6 Lydiate
    5 I Evans
    4 Wyn Jones
    3 A Jones
    2 Hibbard
    1 Jenkins

  13. Oh and another thing, Pocock is not supporting his body weight when competing for the ball at ruck time. I`m sorry but it`s really starting to grind me down how both he and McCaw get away with it t. And they fail to come through the gate.
    Australia managed to get away with not scrummaging again but the best team won.

    1. I’d agree with that side though Priestland needs to buck up .With Hook playing most of Saturdays game (he is not a full back !) and with only two outside halves having to start today against the Brumbies the wisdom of leaving in form Dan Biggar at home needs to be questioned too.

      The interpretation of the breakdown is interesting to say the least an the Aussies are always cute come scrum time but professional players need to play the ref.

  14. I think what suprised me most about Wales’ performance was the ease with which the Aussie forwards got over the gain line, especially in the first half. The Welsh tackling was not good

    The concerning thing for Wales is that was the Aussies, hardly known for their forward power. If Wales were playing SA or the Kiwis, it could have been an awful lot worse.

    Also, the lack of support for runners was suprising. On a number of occasions, runners were isolated because the forwards were hanging around in the mid-field.

    Not sure whether this was down to a lack of match fitness, but it reminded me of England under Johnson, when they’d stick in only one or two fowards to the rucks and then look suprised when the ball was turned over

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