Post-Match Reaction: Ireland v England

Game over in Dublin, and it looks ominous for Ireland. Four games, four defeats in August for the men in green, their attack blunted by the absence of their big runners. England today meanwhile, were good. Not great, but good, and far better than in Cardiff two weeks ago.

Who stood out for you today? Have England found their centres? What must Declan Kidney do to turn the ship around? Let us know, right here.

19 thoughts on “Post-Match Reaction: Ireland v England

  1. A lot better from England, and very glad that the centre partnership performed well. Can’t get too carried way because they were hardly tested by D’Arcy and Earls who made them look decent.

    Manu was excellent in defence, stripping the ball and turning it over several times. BOD would have stopped his try but other teams will be taking note of the threat, and you could see that the Irish did not want to run at him in the second half.

    I feel desperately sorry for David Wallace…looks like career over in horrible fashion.

  2. Not many positives from an Ireland perspective, scrum was decent, pitch time for Ferris, flannery, murphy a plus

    Injuries to Wallace, Heaslip and no real potency in attack, based on the evidence from the tri-nations looks like quarter final is about as far as this Ireland team is capable of going (hope im wrong).

    England were one dimensional but i think they are a better tournament team and should push on to semis, Tuilagi does add an edge but shouldn’t be a problem for southern hemisphere sides.

    Pretty boring, rain soaked event on the whole, looking forward the the world cup throwing up some better quality games.

    1. I support them and I’m not worried. If they lost to Italy, I’d be worried. They lost to England. I’d be worried if they “worried” too much about this..

  3. It is all very sad. Man management programmes, avoiding the mistakes of the past, building up squad depth when all that is required is for the fifteen players to turn up and give it a lash! What happened the traditional Irish virtue of some passion and mayhem and see where it takes us. You cannot help but feel that in Kidneys regieme and world, everything is all too contrived and that ironically he has not built a team but fashioned a civil service organisation where between all the stamp licking and ‘systems’, no one gets a kick up the arse. The team is now in a frail state of mind and all the talk of a performance (what performance I hear you ask?) balanced with winning is the smoke used to camouflage a much deeper malaise. THere really does not appear to be a real cohesion in the team, a sense of ‘us’ and an esprit de corp. The only apparent factor that binds these players together is the desire to land a ticket on the plane to NZ which is not actually enough by a long shot. It all makes for a frail and brittle travelling party and one that could easily have the tiny shreds of confidence that still linger torn away by even such minnows as Eddies Eagles. Can you visualise the scoreline? United States 10, Ireland 9. But at least now, in this eleventh hour, perhaps the Irish camp can lay aside pretensions of being a great team and do some honest homework. ‘We haven’t a chance lads’, is how this should commence this process and then join up the dots from there; they might find that tis leads them to a familiar pasture, a green place where the underdogs live; and from this lowly but honest place, they might find in their collective soul the ability and devil may care passion to put in a few of those performances that Mr O’Driscoll and Mr Kidney are always on about.
    But do they have the bottle to look at themselves? Do they have the moral courage to say we were crap and decide to go out and do their best. Or do they still think they are a ‘great’ side that is not firing??? Will they go and do some match analysis so they can jiggle a few things and get a few ‘combinations’ working (spot the Kidney speak?)
    Or will they say to hell with the video, we were bloody awful and I don’t want to talk about it. I’d rather get out on the pitch and see if we can play like mad bastards and see where we might get to.
    Like I say, its now all got to do with honesty.
    Meanwhile feel very bad for David Wallace and what could be a career ending injury.
    Had to post this. Like anyone following Ireland, am depressed by being so bad at a game that we insist on thinking we are world beaters at……

  4. dont lose all hope yet we where shite in autum 08 and look what happened in 09.the team arnt playing well at the moment but still could of won 3 of the last 4 games but for silly errors.the major concern for me is our lack of potency in attack i think darcy should be dropped and mc fadden playing along side bod.listening to george hook on the highlights on rte kidney is the worst coach ever however after the gs he was the best. I believe we can turn it around and still have a good world cup.

  5. rubbish performance from ireland against an average team. chances of ireland making a semi are limited now, they dont have the mental capacity. o’connell’s decision making was miserable, ignoring blatent goal kicking oppertunities in the first half and failing to lead by example in open play. An over hyped team that can’t perform when they put on a green jersey. Im disgusted at them at this stage. The only 80 minutes performance since grand slam09 was against England in 6nations 2011. There consistent in a blue jersey for leinster or a red jersey for Munster but not in a Green Jersey. They will be remembered as the great generation that had the potential to achieve something special but failed. A typical Irish sad story about what could have been!

  6. Very sorry for Wallace shocking way to exit the RWC hope he can recover and
    get back for the HC
    very poor Irish effort last night no attacking ideas, forwards did ok against a big English pack but skill level let us down dropped balls and turnovers are killing us
    We could have been in the game at half time if we had taken the penalties on offer
    The team is better than this result Earls is a winger not a centre Murphy looked
    good as did Trimble, Bowe was a bit rusty but will improve
    Wallace will be difficult to replace

  7. Agree with Ado, Ireland need to sit down and talk, reassess the facts, great teams are borne of results and Ireland have not had a meaningful result since 2009.

    The only thing of note is that at least they have the chance to do this before the world cup, and the could get the mantality right if they have a bit of honesty.

    Last world cup we didnt realise we were crap until too late, and the resultant team meeting led to an attitude shift, and the winning of the Slam in 2009.

    These warm up games have put us in the correct place, low expectations, underdog status, paralysis by analysis, a seeming lack of cohesion between provincial attitudes. LOOK AT IT NOW KIDNEY AND IRELAND, UNITE THE CLANS, FORGET THE PRESSURE, PLAY WITH HONESTY AND AGGRESSION LIKE THE UNDERDOGS THAT YOU HAVE MADE OF YOURSELVES, WERE BEHIND YOU!

  8. No cover for Wallace – Jennings and Leamy aren’t RWC-quality 7s, so that’s one position down. If Healy’s out as well, we’re in even worse trouble – Buckley and Court are the two back up props and aren’t good enough either. Miserable.

  9. >>Game over in Dublin, and it looks ominous for Ireland. Four games, four defeats in >>August for the men in green, their attack blunted by the absence of their big runners.

    Positives: Lack of the big runners makes the analysis useful, but inconclusive.

    >>England today meanwhile, were good. Not great, but good, and far better than in >>Cardiff two weeks ago.

    They were very good.

    >>Who stood out for you today?

    Tiulagi, but there were several big performances.

    >>Have England found their centres?

    It appears so but more tests await.

    >>What must Declan Kidney do to turn the ship around? Let us know, right here.”

    The ship is in the head.
    He can 1. Believe the naysayers and cultivate a crisis of confidence in the team.
    OR 2. Accept, that it was a grueling test and Ireland can do better by playing their running game, with the return of their big running players.

  10. A very poor game… I can’t remember the last time that I nodded off while watching rugby. If martin johnson is happy with that performance he is probably deluded. England will be lucky to get out of their group… I can’t see them beating Scotland, and may struggle against Argentina.

  11. I don’t think the Irish guys should feel quite that glum. O’connel opted to go for the corner on 2 or 3 kickable penalties, in a world cup he would have taken the points. Also If BOD was playing Tuilagi would not have scored that try. People would be looking at it very differently now.

    Do people think Kidney will go for 6. ferris 8. heaslip 7. O’brien? i know O’brien isn’t a natural 7 but is it the best option?

  12. From an English point of view,

    Better, but still a way off the southern hemisphere standards.

    Tindall/Tuilagi HAS to be the started centre combination now. Suddenly the midfield is something for opposition defences to start thinking about.

    Sheridan looked pretty good but will only get better. Very very excited about a sheridan, Thompson, Stevens front row.

    The Thompson/Hartley battle for the hooker spot is now heating up nicely. Not much in it.

    Was it just me, or did anyone else thing Fourie looked good in his opening 20 mins or so?? I thought he looked great.

    With Youngs still to come back, it’s pretty exciting.

    1. Fourie looked very good. I think he and Croft make a good 6/7 as Croft is generally quite fast and loose so having more of brute at 7 complements him. What is the extent of his injury? Johnson named Moody as captain anyway so he has little chance.

      Hope Youngs can hit the floor running we need his threat around the base.

    2. The only thing opposition defences will think about englands midfield will be how easy it is to defend against. apart from strong powerful pack and bludgeoning the opponents into submission england have nothing to trouble any of the major nations at the world cup

    1. i dont think hes all that! hes being bigged up and is going to be the saviour for england apparently. He seems a decent prospect but surely hes got it all to prove and its not hard to outshine all the other england centres is it?

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