Post-Match Reaction: Ireland v France

After the two sides met again this time in Dublin at the Aviva, who impressed and who depressed you? How are both sides looking ahead of departing for New Zealand? Let us know.

8 thoughts on “Post-Match Reaction: Ireland v France

  1. Alarm bells will be ringing I would think. France were pretty decent, but Ireland looked disappointing, lacking any bite or class.

    The commentators said they lacked match sharpness, and that was certainly the case – lots of errors and general cluelessness at times.

    That’s three defeats from three now for the Irish, with England to play next weekend. They’ll start that as favourites, but I reckon Johnno will put out his first team and go all out for a victory. That could leave Ireland heading to the World Cup with four defeats in a row…I’ll have mixed emotions on Saturday, since I don’t really want that to happen.

    My prediction of Ireland to beat the Aussies in the group is looking less likely on this evidence.

  2. Our back moves suck! Think Kidney and Gaffney haven’t done anything not one Irish back ran hard at the line before the offload to stop the drift this gave our winger’s no space we were brave with trying to run the ball from our 22 but the last pass was always 2 soon making a 2 on one into a won on one where u have to kick or be pushed into touch! these are professional rugby players how do they forget how to attack! Leinster have done it all season this year attacked with a inside and outside runner this is the opposite winger a full back and one backrower running the line it holds defenders if they don’t stick u call for the ball and run through the space why do ireland play like under 14teens and shift the ball from one touch to the other with no intelligence! sorry for the rant!

  3. O’Leary has to be replaced as our number one S/H,the evidence is compelling.Heaslip kills himself turning over ball and O’Leary gift wraps it for the french,this was a turning point in the game,drop goal followed,french tails are up!
    Once againg Early does nothing but is guaranteed a ticket to NZ…????
    We actually need Murphy at fullback as far as I can see,he brings more to the position than any of the others,it’s not just about speed merchants !!!

  4. They were totally outclassed, and maybe that’s a good thing with the unrealistic expectations of Irish fans. I read a youtube comment today by an Irish fan comparing Ireland to Spain, and cringed deeply. That’s the kind of delusional thinking that leads to these embarrassing defeats. For the second time, France were able to let their foot off the gas and still win comfortably. Ireland are Ireland, well actually they’re not – that’s the problem – they’re a split of Leinster and Munster, possibly with Brett Wilkinson of Connaught and some token Ulster players – they are all Munster and Leinster. This is the problem – Jeckyl and Hyde like never before.
    I really hope they gel together but really, does anyone else not see the elephant in the room??? Kidney needs to lean more towards a Munster majority or a Leinster one, or risk problems.
    I don’t want to compare Ireland to Italy in footbal with Trippis selecting a Juve dominated 1st. team. Ireland aren’t that good, but the problem is EXACTLY like that. It was the same problem and Trippi made the right call. He picked the team that had more home players. This is a harder challenge for Kidney – both Munster and Leinster are predominantly consisting of home players – go with form against the strongest opposition – Leinster. Or..pick Munster, I really don’t mind. The worst would be to leave things as they are, it’s NOT working.

    1. Sorry, I somehow, in a Freudian slip – made a new name – Trappatoni and Marcello Lippi – former Italian manager of both Italy and Juventus. Trippi – interesting!! any Irish out there reading this. What do you think?

  5. Pretty awful stuff. It looks like we might be on the way to another underperforming Ireland at yet another world cup. I reckon O’Leary and Fitzgerald should not travel as both are next to useless. Sexton is not playing well and should be 2nd choice behind O’Gara. If Jones is out then Murphy should be on the plane. DO’C would want to get the lead out and show some disrespect for the opposition and the props are in such trouble that I’d bring Marcus Horan, get Peter Clohessy out of retirement (it’s only eight years? since he has played) and start praying.

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