Post-Match Reaction: Scotland v Argentina

Oh dear. Scotland now must face England next weekend with one hell of a task on their hands, needing to beat England and by enough points to ensure that they finished above Argentina in the group standings.

They have every right to feel hard done by for not being given a penalty at the end, when their whole defensive line appeared to be offside as Dan Parks lined up a potentially match-winning drop goal. They will be rightly devastated, having overall put in a good performance, fronting up in the scrum and dominating the lineout. A bit of Amorosino magic provided the fatal blow.

What were your thoughts on the match?

14 thoughts on “Post-Match Reaction: Scotland v Argentina

  1. “In RWC If two or more teams are level on points, the result of the pool match between the two tied teams is used to separate them.”


      1. But what happens if Scot beat us by less than 7? Then 3 teams would have the same points and each would have beaten the other???? Guess it would come down to points diffrence and then try difference?

  2. While I agree that Comteponi was offside at the end of the game, it simply redressed the balance following the unfair penalty awarded to Scotland (taken by Ruaridh Jackson) towards the end of the first half.

  3. Yes, Scotland have every right to feel agrieved about the last gasp penalty they were denied, but, I can’t help feeling they got what they deserved after playing so cynically against a lesser Puma squad depleted by injury.

    Oh the Dour Scot’s, paying the price for yet again opting for a game plan involving not actually scoring tries and subsequently no progression beyong group B; the blame for the loss if any, should be put down to a team lacking in talent, flair and imagination (and a missed tackle missed by Paterson) but definitely NOT the Ref.
    However, for the next six days the media will beat up the impending clash with England as if Scotland actually have a chance of winning.

    England will probably opt for caution and do a work man like performance on Scotland next week to avoid potential injury to key players as England inevitably slot into the quarter final pace against France. Enjoy the flight home Jock!

    1. Wayne Barnes c*cks up again, but was it the usual incompetence this time or bias? Sure errors were made by both teams, but the outrageously inconsistent awarding of penalities turned this game. Not just the BARN-DOOR OBVIOUS offside that would have given Scotland the winning three points at the 80th minute, but throughout the game judgements at the breakdown, scrum and offside-line were inconsistently applied, usually disadvantaging Scoltland. Who would have expected neutrality from any English ref in a match like this – with the group outcome so dependent on it, how was it allowed to happen?

    2. scotland are ‘dour’, but england ‘workmanlike’?
      it was pouring rain and they were playing a powerful pack, and I remember a great break by evans nearly scoring.
      also asides from the criminal off-side not being given at the end there were two penalties at scrums given against scotland that were nonsense, and one for not releasing the tackler against the second man into the tackle.
      another dreadful game for the ref.

  4. I don’t agree at all that Contempomi or any of the other Argentinian defenders were offside at the failed drop-goal attempt. Sean Fitzpatrick made this claim on ITV but that doesn’t make it a fact. I looked at the coverage on the RWC2011 official app (freeze it about 42 sec from the end), and Blair already has the ball in his hands as the defenders make their move. When it’s half way to Parks, they’re all still only a metre or so ahead of the back feet. But Contepomi was much quicker than his team mates over the next 5 metres and able to put Parks under pressure.

    I think the Scots that blamed Parks on Twitter are being unfair. It was a bad tactical choice to go for the drop goal, poorly executed with a slow pass from Blair and a poor kick under legitimate pressure from the defence. Not offside.

  5. John is bang on the money, that was no penalty. I rewinded it on sky plus to explain to the wife how Scotland had been robbed only to see felipe timed it perfectly. The fault lies with scrum half and also the last pick and go which took them into a worse position. It may be cynical but they should really have had someone “accidentally” obstructing the chasers as well. Poor execution all round, although they overall played at least equally as well as England against the same opponents. Argies would have won that one had they kept ledesma on.

  6. Never mind the ref, I blame Dan bloody Parks! If you’re 5 metres out with only a 3-point lead and a penalty coming, why go for a poxy drop-goal? Why not just go for the try to seal the game? Scotland paid the price straight after.

    The Argies deserved the win.

    1. I agree. They were pressing forward well, and by the time the ball came out to Parks, he was in the wrong position to be guaranteed the 3 points from the DG.

  7. i thought the scots got what they deserved which was zilch. They had enough ball to win it but they never seemed to try anything exciting. i have memories of 2 many up and unders from Patterson, Thought they were really poor and didn,t deserve to win. Tactics seemed to be abysmal.

  8. parks was definately in wrong position for that drop goal.. whether or not the Argies were offside is a tough call but scotland only have themselves to blame

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