Rate the Match: Chiefs v Lions


Tell us what you thought of the game between the Chiefs and the Lions in Hamilton today.

Which players performed well? Did anyone play themselves into or out of the Test side for next week?

Give the match a rating out of ten and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Rate the Match: Chiefs v Lions

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27 thoughts on “Rate the Match: Chiefs v Lions

    1. Not necessarily for Saturday (too soon after 80 here, which most of them played) but almost to a man they put themselves forward for 2nd and 3rd tests. Suspect Daly might be the only one to have played himself in for Saturday.

  1. Hope people watched the same match as me critic LW as. 2 three times he should have give ED the ball, three missed chances. Never though I would say this, man of the match Dan Cole

  2. This was a 2nd XV Chiefs. Result went according to relative strengths. I had Lions by 26. Great seeing Tiatia. What happened to this lad?

  3. Quite hard to decide how good a performance this was as Chiefs were a long way short of full strength, but there were certainly a number of players making it clear to Gatland that they are not just along for the ride. Dan Cole played as well as I have ever seen him, and the front row in general were solid. Henderson was decent, and Lawes excellent. However the fact that Gatland brought him back after a head injury assessment and played him the full eighty mins strongly suggests that AWJ will get the third second row place on Saturday. The whole of this back row should be in front of Warburton on current form and from an English point of view it was good to see Haskell back to somewhere near his best. Tuperic was very lively and Stander carried with real purpose. If Watson gets one wing berth Daly and Nowell are both in better form than George North who has done nothing to suggest he deserves a place. Biggar had his best game so far, but won´t get in instead of Sexton or Farrell, Laidlaw was competent but a definite mid-weeker, centres ok but nothing special and Liam Williams mercurial as usual. Out of the entire team I suspect only Daly is likely to make the squad on Saturday, but several others may have put themselves in contention for the 2nd and 3rd Tests. Oh, and wouldn´t you hate to play against the Chiefs scrum half, Christie. What a feisty little bugger. He reminded me of Grant Batty.

  4. Regarding AWJ Vs Lawes, if the game plan (as it seems to be) is all about line speed and putting big hits in behind the gain line to disrupt them then a fit Lawes is the best second row in world rugby at that particular facet.

    Whether you start Kruis + Lawes or Kruis + Itoje those 3 should be the test locks.

    As there is no anthem to sing I don’t see what AWJ (on current, not past, form) brings above Lawes.

    1. I didn’t say I agreed with it, I just think that Lawes would have been taken off early if Garland intended to use him on Saturday.

    2. Alun Wyn comes on – drive – penalty try – game changed – Simples! Lawes is good, but more of a support player at present. Could be on the bench, but he will have to displace AWJ/Itoje.

      1. Lions Fan, you have hit the nail on the head there, I just don’t get what the desperation is to get AWJ into the team. His stats so far this tour:
        Carries 21, metres made 10m (less than 0.5m per carry, in comparison Henderson has 25 carries, with 58m metres gained).
        Tackles 19, missed 4 (Hendo 20 tackles, missed 2)
        Penalties conceded 5 (highest of all forwards)
        Turned over 6 time (highest of all forwards)

        I just don’t get the hype, yes he was great 4 years ago but his form has slipped and his so called “leadership” was exposed during the Wales 6N campaign, he provides no other evidence to convince me anything has changed!

  5. Knew this was going to happen with everybody singing the praises of Williams. If he hadn’t been so intent on showing off and playing as a team member he would have given all three of those passes to Daly in the first half. Not saying Daly would have scored but they where clear chances and Daly should have been given the opportunity to show his prowess. I hope that Gatland keeps Williams with the dirt trackers.

    1. BigDia – have you not got the message yet – there really are no ‘dirt-trackers’! As the series goes on, it’s terribly important that every player is performing up to potential.
      Nobody would doubt that Williams was brilliant today, and the timing of his passes was really something to behold for those who know about these things. Daly was good too, but doesn’t have the same capaicty to destroy defences. But I would want Daly in if only for the long-range boot (and he is also a brilliant player – no denying that!) Selection is going to be a pretty massive headache for Gats now – but that’s what he’s paid for!

      1. Sorry, bad choice of phase but I stand but my critic of Williams. Need to watch all of the match not the last pass……………………..

  6. After watching all the warm up games this is my Squad for the 1st test. I have not picked North AWJ or Sam Warburton as there form/fitness does not warrant selection.
    I am picking Sexton on the basis that Farrell is not 100%fit
    Lawes if fit
    The last replacement will depend on whether Farrell is fit

  7. Sevegolf – Gats will definitely pick George – he’ll produce his Big Game for the tests, don’t worry!
    It’s a good debating point whether Warburton and AWJ will start or be on the bench; but they will be there one way or another – that’s for sure.

  8. Know let the fun begin.

    15. Halfpenny or does Daly get his chance at 15?
    14. Watson
    13. Davies and 12. Te’o Best centre partnership to date.
    11. North, do not think he has done enough but don’t what Williams anywhere near the test 15.
    10. Farrell if fit, if not Sexton
    9. Murray

    1. Furlong
    2. George/Owen. Who’s the better impact player.
    3. Vunipola
    4. Kruis
    5. Itoje Lawes on the bench if fit, if not Hederson
    6. Stander
    7. O’Brien probably Warbuton
    8. Faletoa

  9. Here is my 23 for the first test. There is at least one odd selection here where the player hasn’t played in this position on tour, but it is his best position in my opinion.
    1. Mako, 2. George, 3. Sinckler
    4. Itoje, 5. Kruis
    6. O’Mahony, 8. Faletau, 7. O’Brien
    9. Murray, 10. Farrell (if not fit, Sexton)
    11. Nowell, 12. T’eo, 13. Daly, 14. Watson
    15. Halfpenny
    16. Owens, 17. McGrath, 18. Furlong, 19. ? (I would say Henderson or Lawes, but as both played so much today, I don’t think they can play) 20. Stander, 21. Webb, 22. Sexton (or Farrell), 23. Joseph

    1. Nothing odd about selecting a player in their best position just because he is so versatile neither EJ or WG has ever selected him there

      1. Not convinced that 13 is Daly’s best position.

        13 is the hardest defensive role in a team, and I have seen Daly get himself into trouble at Wasps whilst defending this channel, so its no surprise that Jones and Gatland haven’t picked him here.

        He has tremendous skills, but to put him here against the worlds best team with no current exposure in this channel would be a huge gamble.

    1. Lawes is a Tighthead Lock so more in contention with Kruis. He could switch to loosehead but played tighthead lock with England in 6N and be risky to change now.

  10. Good run out today. An under strength Chiefs side put Wales to the sword last year so this was good and belligerent by the Lions. Of the tours I can recall -say going back to 1993 -the demarcation has been clear between dirt track and test team. Less clear with this team. The likes of Henderson and Nowell have put to bed early sluggishness.
    Almost all the players for me still have a shot -and they’ve earned it today.
    Speculation is that Farrell will get start at 10 in only change from Maori game. Can’t have been much in that call as Sexton looks to have form back. I’d go with Sexton but appreciate many fans/ pundits can’t shake his shaky start to this tour (and Pro semi final)
    Important to note that his return to form has coincided with rekindling of partnership with Conor Murray.
    Anyhow -whomever it is will have hands full up against the exceptional Beaudan Barrett

  11. What ever the team.what ever the result put in a performance for Dodie.
    Good luck Lions,Good luck Dodie

    1. Very true -he gave his life to this sport we love.
      I remember him -A Lion -in 1997
      I hope life gives him a decent bunch of time with his wife and boys

  12. What I’d like to see (What I think Gats will pick)

    1. Vunipola
    2. George
    3. Furlong
    4. Itoje
    5. Kruis
    6. O’Mahony (c)
    7. O’Brien (Warburton)
    8. Faletau
    9. Murray
    10. Farrell (Sexton)
    11. North
    12. T’eo
    13. Davies
    14. Watson
    15. Halfpenny
    16. Owens
    17. McGrath
    18. Sinckler
    19. Lawes (AWJ)
    20. Tipuric (O’Brien)
    21. Webb
    22. Sexton (Farrell)
    23. Joseph (Daly)

    – Teo + Daly could have been a better combination, but I wouldn’t want to try a new combination for the test.
    – North I’m hanging onto that he had a shocker in the 6N, had a fire lit under his arse and came out blazing. The performance of the mid-week team means he’s really got competition for the place now. I’m backing him to perform under the pressure.
    – I prefer Tipuric’s speed to the breakdown and link play over a guy struggling for form who performs better (in a Welsh shirt) when relieved of the captaincy.
    – AWJ did have a nice cameo today but Lawes produces really top class moments, the lineout work, the tap tackle, the line speed, the maul disruption. But, especially with AWJ fresh, I can understand the call going the other way.

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