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Rate the match: Scotland v England

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21 thoughts on “Rate the match: Scotland 0 v 20 England

  1. Better match than I expected. England played some good stuff. However let’s not get carried away:

    1) Still not clinical enough. Too many visits to the 22 where we made bad decisions and got turned over

    2) What value do Goode and Barritt provide. We lacked a cutting edge in the last few minutes. Surely May, Burrell and Nowell have done enough not to need insurance on the bench

    3) Surely Youngs time is up. Under no real pressure line out fell apart again when he came on. Why nnot just throw to the front FFS.

    1. 4) Not that I wish to antagonise Liam further but I really wish we could tighten up our restarts. We seem to concede points or penalties far too often for my liking in when failing to take kick offs.

  2. Benjit
    I totally agree.Scotland were very poor and our attack is still not very invisive-NZ would have got at least 40/50.Subs policy is ludicrous-Care rightly disgusted.And yes Youngs has got to go.No comparison in class between scots and irish.2 weeks time will require a step up especially since forwards battle will be very even

  3. With Webber back for Bath, Youngs has to go for a while.

    He’ll be back, he just needs to work on the line out. The yips happen. Happened to Rory Best last year, happened to Thompson after the RWC.

    The rookie backs did just fine. Pleased with Burrell, especially.

    Robshaw has clearly been working on his leg drive and power. Good to see he’s been working on his weaknesses.

  4. Scotland were terrible, so bad.
    But England were not ruthless enough. And as said above, T Youngs has ran out of chances for now. Three missed lineouts in a row I think, which is unforgiveable.

    1. I think we need to know why Tom Youngs is failing at the lineout. Frankly I’m intrigued because his lineout is fine with Leicester, but with England he’s throwing in to Courtney Lawes and Lawes isn’t getting it. When Parling was in the England lineout there wasn’t a problem either. The only thing I can think of is that Youngs and Lawes haven’t practiced together enough and they’re not getting the trigger right. It just seems crazy that two players that are supposed to be playing together – even if Youngs is only considered average at international level – can’t get it right.

      It’s a shame because I think he offers a lot more in the loose than Hartley

      1. A lot of people are forgetting he was the only hooker who could reliably find his man on the Lions tour, so it’s a form issue rather than not possessing the skill to do it at the top level.

        But it’s a long run of poor form internationally. Dropped to the bench after poor lineout against Australia, poor off the bench for the remaining fixtures (Parling was on the pitch for the NZ game as well, no idea if he had taken over the calling role though). Whatever the cause they’ve had long enough to sort it out now and I would like to Youngs to go back to Tigers, play some matches, get his confidence back and return in the summer. A Webber/Attwood partnership looks much more sensible for the bench for the remainder of the 6N.

  5. A very deflated Scotland fan. We were diabolical.

    Good possession and territory were often wasted by some aimless kicking.
    Poor discipline, too many penalties given away.
    Set piece absolutely shocking.
    The only shining light was Dave Denton, and he got taken off with 30 minutes remaining. Terrible decision to replace him.

    The sooner that Johnson is gone the better. An absolute clown.

    Bet Vern can’t wait to take us over…

  6. The Scots right now could not score in a brothel! England were solid with signs of better things to come. Forwards were strong although need to be more clinical. Backs making progress. May, Brown and Burrell having good games. That said, we should have put 20 more points on the board. Concerns. Other than not being clinical enough, the bench is not right yet. Ford is required as back at outside half. I would have Watson on the bench also. Youngs throwing into the line out fill me with horror. Do that against Ireland in a close and once again we will be made to pay dearly.

  7. Shut your face Benjit, you go into the England dressing room and tell them that. They’ve just put a 20 point beatdown on Scotland, don’t think think they deserve a bit of praise?

    Seems to me this whole blog is one big concentration of negativity from the majority of posts I’ve read. All the writers, and majority of posters on here just exist to pick holes in pretty much everything England do. Disgusting!

    1. Actually I think the players in the England dressing room would be honest enough to admit they weren’t clinical enough at times with all the possession they had. Yes there were plenty of positives though, so maybe we are focusing on the negatives too much. But i don’t think telling someone to ‘shut their face’ is particularly constructive.

    2. Agree with Matt B. The points made have been fair ones, not one eyed abuse. Yes delighted for England – much better win than I was dreaming of, but you can’t help feeling that other top teams would have been more clinical. I was critical of the bench before the game and nothing that happened today changed my mind. Therefore Liam your comments are out of line. The reason I read this blog is because of the well balanced and reasoned views that are put forward (although we call have our moments!) And I hope next time you decide to comment it is slightly more constructively!

    3. Liam your response is so well argued, reasoned and measured that I would be fool to even try and come up with a retort as eloquent as yours. Touche sir. Touche.

  8. Still not cohesive enough, some great individual efforts namely Billy V and Mike Brown, a spunky effort by Jack Nowell but we need to improve greatly if we are to thrash the Irish, They are cockahoop after 2 wins, we need to smash their arrogance and keep them from another Grand Slam for the next 60 years.

  9. Scotland consistently poor year after year with an occasional surprise win. Should we consider relegation and invite another country. Italy at least show some talent. Scotland continue to just spoil move after move. Im all for a bit of tradition but maybe its time Scotland had a break.

  10. Johnson is a clown it is said but clowns are supposed to be funny, this guy is destructive
    Admittedly Scotland are short of class players and have a domestic structure that is not fit for purpose but there is no excuse for not having a functioning scrum or line out

  11. As an England fan, I’m pleased with the result, but my neutral side is really disappointed with Scotland. Last year a competitive, winning and finishing off the chances that for a few years they’ve not been putting away. I was hoping to see them move on and really be a good side, but they’ve not looked even a shade of last years’ side, not even making the chances to mess them up.

    I feel sorry for Johnson. He’s been put in a position as a caretaker coach where he’s keeping the team warm for someone else, but he’s been given that position for longer than most caretakers would be expected to be doing it.

    As for England, better from some players, but I don’t think it was much of a test or an indicator of how well England are playing.

  12. OK, points on the board didn’t reflect the dominance, especially in the second half, but I’m delighted we got that level of dominance in the first place.

    Some excellent performances and some encouraging ones:
    – Hartley 20 from 20 on a difficult day for throwers, excellent
    – Lawes 13 lineout takes (including steals) plus another monster contribution around the park.
    – Vunipola, honestly think we’ll be discussing him for a world XV by the end of the year (not there yet) but the physicality, dexterity and ability to clean up the dirty stuff at the back of the scrum were exceptional.
    – May, made breaks and found space where he had no right. Conventional wisdom is that lateral running is a bad idea, but he’s just so damn quick he finds the mismatch and opening.
    – Centres, not vintage but a good step up. Decent lines run.
    – DC/OF looking like the right combination. I think DC taking on some of the playmaking responsibility helps OF (who needs to concentrate purely on his game and not being a tool off the ball)
    – Brown, pleased to see him coming into the line more, it’s keeping the defence guessing and help create space.

    The negatives were on the bench, I don’t think we can risk Youngs lineout throwing against the Irish lineout, they’ll take him apart on current form. Then we’ve got Barritt and Goode (nice pass to Hogg!), all I think it’s achieved is remove a cap from someone we may need against Ireland (now a huge game to make a debut). Don’t mind Dickson, provided he’s paired with Ford.

    And on the bench, given the game was safe why did Cole do 75mins? Perfect chance to give Thomas a 20 min blast.

    Really looking forward to the Ireland game, we’ll have a pretty good idea where we are at afterwards. Have to make Ireland favourites for it, but bring it on!

  13. Why oh why did’nt SL take Ford snd Watson to Murrayfield-the last 20 were ideal to test them out instead of which he used subs that most people think dont cut the mustard .These 2 guys are much more likely to be part of the future not Goode Barritt etc

  14. Is it just me?

    Scotland were totally hopeless but everyone’s talking about a great England performance?

    With complete dominance up front and a glut of possession inside the Scottish 22 for the whole of the second half we scored – 7 points!

    Even given the weather and the laughable state of the pitch – 7 points?

    If England want to be taken seriously and measure up to the yardstick that is the All Blacks then they have to look at what the ABs might have done in the same position.

    The England camp should be embarrassed by the total lack of any cutting edge.

    Or maybe it’s just me?

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