Rate the match: Toulon v Saracens


Rate the Heineken Cup final between Toulon and Saracens in our poll, and leave your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.

Rate the match: Toulon v Saracens

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14 thoughts on “Rate the match: Toulon v Saracens

  1. Can’t say I enjoyed that too much. Toulon did everything Saracens do, did it a hell of a lot better, and did a bit more on top. All credit to them. Sarries horribly out of ideas.

    Have to mention how well Toulon targeted Billy Vunipola, I’d be interested to see how many of his carries resulted in losing possession.

  2. England need to have armitage at 7 wood at 6 and billy at 8 that would scare any team and have rob shaw on the bench if billy is injured armitage goes 8 if armitage is injured robs haw goes 7 if wood is injured robs haw covers it. worried as an irish fan that england are starting to become a team like in 2002 ! and the WC is on home soil….. wings r your only weakness! well still undecided best personal … quality team tho

  3. A 9 for me as we were sitting in amongst what felt and sounded like a million Toulon fans having the time of their lives.

    Sarries had no plan B once it became clear that Billy wasn’t going to truck it up through Toulon. Delon Armitage remains the worst excuse for a human I’ve seen – at the match seeing the amount of off the ball digs, verbal and physical, he hands out to the opposition and his own team, was an education. His brother on the other hand is clearly the best 7/8 around in the NH right now.

    Matt Giteau – what a master class in off the cuff rugby. Kicking where people wouldn’t kick = first try. Brilliant, brilliant player – for me he is the best player Toulon have.

    1. I’m with you there Birghty, Delon is a tool of the highest order. The moment when (it looked like) he called for the ball, left it, and then seemed to blame Steffon for letting it go out?! WTF. But Steffon and Matt Giteau along with Johnny were outstanding. Will be interesting to see how they play next season without Johhny.
      The second try looked like Bateraud through a forward pass to Smith, and we were a bit peed when Roland (another tool) didn’t even check any of the passes. After going to the TMO for several other “nothing” incidents it seemed a bit odd. Maybe it depended where you were sitting and the angle we had made it look worse than it was?!
      Also from someone else who was there, I would be interested to get your point of view on the incident with Farrell and Habana. It looked like Farrell went to give him the shoulder, but kind of pulled out last minute, and then Habana went down like a footballer, throwing his arms out like he’d been shot and then holding his face?!. We do not want to start seeing that on a rugby pitch!!

      1. Dazza, was really disappointed to see the Habana dive. Was delighted however to see Roland recognise it as such and effectively tell Habana off while still recognising it was a penalty – Farrel did foul him, it just wasn’t as bad as Habana tried to make it look.

        That pass/try was in the opposite corner to me. Regardless of that I’d say the best team won – Saracens seemed to have one idea (use Vuni to truck it through) and that won’t work against some of the best players in the world.

        That incident with Delon and his brother was right in front of me – also saw him having some words with Drew Mitchel and the odd thing like throwing balls at the Saracens players, etc. Delon is a football player who seems to have got a bit confused and joined a rugby team.

        1. With Halfpenny and O’Connor joining him next season, I imagine that Delon may be becoming even more stroppy.

            1. I would imagine that 10/12 of the two Aussies would be their preference, and in a slightly different way, I imagine it would work well. Even better perhaps than with Wilkinson at 10.

              1. I was wondering who would replace Wilkinson- moving Giteau to 10 seems the obvious move but isn’t O’connor only there for half a season as he’s moving back to Oz to try and get into the world cup squad? Seems surprising that Toulon haven’t already announced some superstar replacement to come into the midfield permanently.

                They do have Michalak for 10 though (big hearty laugh).

        2. There’s no denying the best team won on the day. Our Wolf pack seemed a bit overawed, and apart from Billy, a little bit slow to get to the breakdown. Billy carried well, and a couple of occasions got through, but had no support and Armitage always seemed to be there to get his hands on the ball.
          Amazes me that Delon has survived in that team, but it does not surprise me that Lancaster hasn’t been that bothered about him. He would never fit into Lancaster’s team with that attitude. H

      2. Dazza, I thought that Rolland had a good game?

        On TV, the passes looked marginal, and I think that he did everyone a favour by not wasting time by having someone look at them from 4 different angles before agreeing that they were OK, by the letter of this strange passing law that we seem to have.

        As Brighty notes, he got the Habana/Farrell incident bang-on. Should point out that Habana came out afterwards and publicly apologised for his action.

  4. Enjoyed the game however was not impressed with Billy Vunipola refusing to shake Wilko’s hand and storming off into the changing room, needs to grow up

  5. A la the fast show – The billionaires beat the millionaires.

    The soccerification of rugby.


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